Accuser are a thrash metal band from Germany formed in 1986. In a career spanning over three and a half decades, the band have released eleven studio albums, returning in 2020, with their self titled twelfth.     
Accuser formed during the mid eighties when thrash metal was still in its infancy, with fellow countrymen Kreator, Sodom, Destruction and Tankard making worldwide ripples with a brand of brutal thrash to rival the American thrash metal movement, spearheaded by Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax. While these bands went on to dominate the thrash metal scene for many years, it was bands like Accuser that kept the movement going. Yes, you can have a few bands light the way, but you need many more bands to keep the light burning. Accuser never really made it to the limelight, but certainly made a name for themselves, and kept their brand of thrash fresh - well and truly alive for many many years. The bands twelfth album is eleven songs over forty five minutes, and is a cacophony of brutal, yet accessible thrash...    
...exploding into life with the frenetic and fast paced 'Misled Obedience'. Throaty, aggressive vocals accompany the hard hitting and savage nature of Accusers' brand of thrash. With a resurgence of the old guard, 2020 has been an incredible year for a lot of the bands that evolved thrash during the eighties, with Accuser releasing a self titled album - a kind of rebirth, restart and relaunch. The savagery continues with the pummelling 'Phantom Graves' pushing forward with a vengeance. After nearly forty years, Accuser have not mellowed in any way shape or form, which is fucking great for thrash metal fans all over the world. Keeping the thrash rough, gruff and tough, 'Temple Of All' leans toward the South American style of thrash, as evolved by the mighty Sepultura. That said though, you can clearly hear the German style of thrash resonate throughout the entire album. Picking up the intensity, 'Lux In Tenebris' swings a baseball bat and wraps it around your head - many times! Yes, it is that heavy hitting and brutal, so get your reservation in early at the local Accident & Emergency unit. With a more mellow intro, 'Be None The Wiser' takes on a different ambience from what has gone before, building the tension and heaviness as it marches forward. 'Be None The Wiser' threatens to explode into a fireball of thrash metal ferocity, but Accuser pull back on the reins, planting 'Be None The Wiser' in progressive thrash metal territory.    
'Rethink' picks up the pace and scorches forth, leaving only scorch marks in its wake. Head bangingly addictive, 'Rethink' will surely become a mosh pit favourite. With an eerie intro that builds fear and tension, 'Psychocision' is six minutes plus of furious terror. Maintaining a knee trembling atmosphere from start to finish, 'Psychocision' is a "hide behind the sofa" moment. Bringing the eighties style of thrash to the album, 'Contamination' is classic old school from metals' heyday. Rumbling riffs and ground shaking drums drive 'Contamination' forward at pace, making every head banger drool - and nod their heads back and forth at an extreme rate of knots. 'The Eliminator' is the fastest song heard on the album so far, and takes its influence from early Venom and Megadeth. The brutal and in your face nature of 'The Eliminator' is old school at its very best, and will stretch those neck muscles to breaking point. Returning the album to its brutally savage roots, 'Seven Lives' is a blend of Kreator, Sepultura and Slayer, with the trademark Accuser sound running right through the middle. Without a single let up in intensity and savagery, Accuser bring their twelfth album to a close with 'A Cycle's End' - a classic sounding barrage of thrash. And for forty five furious minutes, Accuser have rolled back the years and joined many of the old guard in 2020, and delivered a very good album.    
Overall, a savage barrage of thrash from one of thrash metals pioneering bands from the eighties, Accuser have served up a very good album.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV