Hell On Earth

Ancillotti are a heavy metal band from Italy formed in 2009, releasing the E.P. 'Down This Road Together' in 2012. The bands debut album 'The Chain Goes On' was released in 2014, with the follow-up 'Strike Back', a 2016 release. The four piece band are three quarters family - vocalist Daniele "Bud" Ancillotti and his brother, bassist Sandro "Bid" Ancillotti, and his son, Brian Ancillotti on drums. The band is completed by guitarist Luciano Toscani. The bands third album 'Hell On Earth', was released in 2020.    
Featuring a sound that is a meld of European power metal and traditional heavy metal, Ancillotti create a sound that was forged in the eighties by such pioneering bands as Accept, Grave Digger and Helloween. Their third album is a powerhouse of catchy rhythms and infectious grooves - fast paced and intense from start to finish. So get yourselves ready for hell on earth, as Ancillotti unleash their fury with the ferocious 'Fighting Man'. A heavy hitting anthem, 'Fighting Man' is quickly into its stride, booming like thunder as it struts its stuff majestically. A mild throaty rasp of a vocal delivery compliments the rough and tough musical stance - yet there is a sharp edged melodic theme contained within, making for an infectious and pleasurable listening experience. The thunder gets more intense with 'Revolution', the guitars buzzing like it's 1984 and we're in the middle of the NOWBHM evolution. 'Revolution' is much more infectious than 'Fighting Man', the chorus a highly sing a long able affair. I defy anyone not to be smiling right now...    
And the smiling will continue, as Ancillotti steam on with the fast paced 'Firewind'. Advancing at high velocity, 'Firewind' is a furious gallop of out and out heavy metal that will have heads banging hard, very hard. What an opening triple salvo from these Italian heavy metallers - and we're only a third way through the album! With no let up in the albums intensity, 'We Are Coming' moves the album in the direction of the European power metal style, with a distinct Running Wild feel. The majestic and epic nature of 'We Are Coming' is a joy to listen to - the big punchy riffs and crunchy rhythms are so addictive. Picking up the pace once more is 'Blessed By Fire' - a pounding and pummelling slab of "foot on the monitor" heavy metal, one hundred percent infectious with a catchy chorus that'll be great for an in concert crowd sing a long. The combination of NWOBHM and power metal has been incredible, and in the shape of 'Broken Arrow', Ancillotti throw hard rock into the mix too. A mid tempo, mid paced foot stomper, 'Broken Arrow' will appeal equally to fans of both rock and metal.    
Two thirds the way through the album now, and the intense bombastic nature has not withered once - and in the formidable shape of 'Another World', it's not in danger of withering just yet. The tempo and energy levels rise off the scale as 'Another World' bustles forward, brushing anyone and everything aside, such is its arrogance. 'Another World' is surprisingly melodic too, as has been the whole album so far. Yes it's heavy, ballsy, punchy and crunchy - but sewn into the albums fabric is a massive amount of the melodic. What an album, and what a band... And we still have two songs left! 'Frankenstein' is amazing. The heaviest song on the album, the fastest song on the album, and the most fierce, 'Frankenstein' lacerates the senses with a ferocity not heard on the album so far. And just when you thought the energy levels may fizzle out towards the albums' end - hell no! This is hell on earth, didn't anyone tell ya!! The album is brought to a close with the fast and furious 'Till The End'. The level of ferocity on display is matched by the level of infectiousness. 'Till The End' is a cracking end to a sparkling album of full on and intense heavy metal. 'Hell On Earth' is an excellent album and will proudly adorn any fans traditional heavy metal collection.    
Overall, a hard hitting and bombastic bombshell, 'Hell On Earth' is a cracking delight, full to the brim with infectious and memorable songs.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Pure Steel Records