End Of This

Carbon Black are a groove metal band from Australia formed in 2013, releasing their E.P. 'Principium' in 2014. The bands first full length effort, 'End Of This' was released in 2018.    
Delivering an attitude laden vibe, not unlike the iconic Pantera, the newest export from Australia, Carbon Black, are starting to make waves in the world wide heavy metal scene. The bands debut album is packed to the rafters with attitude, aggression and foot stompingly heavy songs. The title song 'End Of This' opens the album, strutting its heavy groove majestically. The in your face and intense vocal delivery is a mix of growl and throaty rasp, suited perfectly to the wrecking ball heaviness that resonates from the speakers. Ten songs across a thirty seven minute play time may be a little short on numbers, but the album more than makes up for it with its thunderous progression and heavy hitting approach. The albums attitude gets fiercer with the in your face 'Ignorance' slamming the listener into the wall with its ferocious attitude. Prepare to be hurt as Carbon Black deliver an aural punishment that will leave you battered and bruised.    
Moving in a more progressive direction, 'Unseen' bustles its way into view and swaggers on with a heavier heaviness than the opening two songs. If you're looking for fast paced, brutal and aggressive metal the likes of Slayer and Kreator deliver, you're looking in the wrong place. Carbon Black are not fast paced, but are brutal and aggressive, so maybe you are half way there in what you look for. Upping the tempo and intensity, 'Cowards' is a beefy barrage of thunderous riffage. and is so infectious you will be hooked. Pace changing, mood swinging and genre hopping, 'Cowards' glides effortlessly through thrash, NWOBHM and hard rock styles. A definite standout song of the album. 'Deceive' is a two minute mellow-ish instrumental, serving as a breather from the heavy battering the album is dishing out. The instrumental runs straight into 'Deny', hitting hard and kicking harder, as Carbon Black once again display their progressive metal leanings. 'Deny' gets heavier as it marches on and maybe, just maybe, you wanna make sure you know how to get to A&E, as by the albums end you will have so many bruises from the ferocious battering, treatment will be needed...    
'Plastic Art' returns the albums direction back to how it all began, a thunderous, attitude laden heavy groove. The intensity offered up by 'Plastic Art' is matched by fierce vocals and a ferocious rhythm that is one hundred percent addictive. Carbon Black are not for the faint hearted, they are for the hardened, steely metal heads of the world who enjoy a savage aural punishment. 'My Own' doesn't relent on aggression, but does inject a very slight rap vocal style, though only very slight. The heavy stomp that has been in evidence since the album began is still powerful, propelling the album forward with purpose and intent. An intent to bruise, batter and punish the senses...but in a good way! The album comes to a thunderous close with the rampaging 'Blood And Sacrifice', with its in your face growled vocal style full to the brim with aggression.    
Overall, an attitude laden and ferocious aural assault of aggressiveness, Carbon Black are a punishing and brutal force of nature.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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