New Awakening

Days Of Jupiter are a hard rock band from Sweden formed in 2010. The bands debut album was released in 2012 with the follow up released in 2015. Their third album, 'New Awakening' was released in 2017.    
Days Of Jupiter are yet another successful rock band to emerge from Sweden. Back to the eighties, Europe and Treat were the first Swedish bands to break out, followed by Shotgun Messiah and HammerFall, and more recently, Cryonic Temple, Eclipse and Astral Doors. The future of Sweden bred rock bands is in very safe hands. Days Of Jupiter get their new album off to a flying start with the anthemic and hard rocking 'We Will Never Die'. Mid tempo and foot stompingly heavy with a mild progressive rock slant, 'We Will Never Die' is a catchy song that hooks the listener in. 'I Am Stone' introduces a more melodic vibe into the album and is bombastic in its delivery. Clean and clear vocals allow for ease of listening and singing along. Bringing an energy level increase to the fore, 'My Tragedy, My Curse' is a swaggering blues infused romp with a superb Southern Rock style vocal performance.    
Days Of Jupiter have managed to produce hard hitting, sharp edged heavy rock with sing a long style choruses and an infectious nature to keep you hooked as the album strolls on. (...and no this is not an Iron Maiden cover), 'Wasted Years' is an up tempo, full on and energetic romp of heavy guitars and catchy rhythms. The line between the hard rock and heavy metal genres is straddled by Days Of Jupiter, who have one foot planted in each of these genres. With a more mellow approach, 'Erase' sidles in and wanders with ease through a more soulful vocal delivery and an acoustic feel that turns it towards power ballad territory. Start swaying girls and boys, and raise those lighters high. Bringing a much heavier feel to the album is 'Awakening', all out and out attitude and a much more powerful vocal performance. The guitar riffing is more abrasive and 'Awakening' brings a more "metal" feel to the album. The "metal" feel remains, albeit in a more low key and mid tempo nature, as 'If I Were God' strides majestically on and on.    
Days Of Jupiter display a sudden turn of pace with the album accelerating at speed as 'Insane' races on with an intensity and a purpose not heard on the album previously. 'Insane' is actually the first song on the album to provide an opportunity for proper style head banging, rather than the head nodding that normally accompanies a hard rock album. With its buzzing style guitar sound, 'Give In To Me' nods its head towards the classic British heavy metal sound. Keeping the catchiness intact that has been a prominent feature of the album, 'Give In To Me' is full of energy and tempo. Melodic with a mild AOR touch, 'Favorite Waste' rolls gently on by. Blending the Southern Rock style vocals and a hint of the blues, 'Favorite Waste' is a meandering collection of various influences. The album is brought to a close with the same feel as it began. 'Inglorious' is a mix of hard rock, progressive rock and swaggering Southern Rock moments.    
Overall, a mix of hard rocking, sharp edged heavy rock, blended with elements of the heavy metal genre to produce an album of addictive and catchy rock.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV