Push The Button

Dead Tree Seeds are a thrash metal band from France formed in 2009, releasing their debut album 'Seeds Of Thrash' in 2013. The bands sophomore album 'Push The Button' was released in 2020.    
Touring extensively in France during their formative years, Dead Tree Seeds built up a solid following, performing a style of thrash metal that is definitely old school - similar to the legendary Big Four, Kreator and Sepultura. Throughout their career the band has been dogged by constant line-up changes, with only drummer and founding member Alex Prudent, the only constant. The bands new album 'Push The Button', is a ferocious forty five minute gallop of aggressive and intense thrash - all kicking off with the short, tension building instrumental 'Thrash Tales'...    
...before the album launches like a jet fighter going off to war, with the aggressive 'Fangs Of The White Wolf'. Delivered at a blistering pace, 'Fangs Of The White Wolf' is rough, tough and gruff. Snarling vocals accompany the heavy hitting riffage, and 'Push The Button' (the album) is well and truly underway. Powering on with the thunderous 'Thru God For Vengeance', the head bang ability remains high, and just a slight influence of '...And Justice For All' era Metallica can be heard. Dead Tree Seeds manage to bridge the gap between melodic thrash and brutal thrash - their meld of the two styles an uncompromising and intense mix. 'No Time To Complain' is one of three songs on offer to exceed the six minute mark, and is an epic and atmospheric march of thrash. Combining changes of pace and tempo with exquisite guitar solos, 'No Time To Complain' will keep the listeners attention from start to finish. The title song 'Push The Button' is a furious furore of savagery. Battering the senses with vicious riffage, 'Push The Button' (the song) is an intense and relentless rampage.    
'The Way To Eternity' is a two minute mellow-ish instrumental, and marks the halfway point in the album - 'Abjection' launching the second half in intense fashion. Hard hitting and aggressive, 'Abjection' has a much more growly vocal performance than heard so far. 'Enemies Of Rome' brings an atmosphere of suspense and chill to the album, proceeding to thump and bump its way forth, adopting speed and pace as it progresses on and on. Varied styles of thrash are all contained within 'Enemies Of Rome' making for a very infectious listening experience. Picking up the speed and roaring on, 'Wailing Wall' is aggressive, brutal and savage. Dead Tree Seeds have shown all manner of thrash metal styles on their second album, making it appealing to fans of Metallica to Kreator and Megadeth to Sepultura. 'Push The Button' is that diverse! At seven and a half minutes in length, the final song 'Shotdead' is the longest offering, and is a thrill ride of melodic thrash, bringing a very memorable end to a memorable album.    
Overall, heavy hitting rough, tough and gruff thrash metal, 'Push The Button' is an intense journey of infectious thrash.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Grand Sounds Promotion    
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