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Defy All Reason are a rock band from the UK formed in 2011 who released their debut E.P. 'Every Second Counts' early in 2013 with their debut album released in May 2015.    
Heavy rock with a feel good party vibe is the signature sound of Defy All Reason and when 'Midnight Train' kicks in with its infectious groove and foot tapping rhythm, you know it's time to "get the party started". 'Bad Blood' chugs into life, sounding much like it belongs in the glam rock genre alongside such legends as Cinderella, Ratt and Firehouse. The ballad 'Behind Those Eyes' is full to the brim with passion, a very powerful vocal performance and a definite hint of Bon Jovi. A blues influence can be heard on the head nodding 'You Get Me High', as it rolls past on the crest of catchy guitars and a pulsating rhythm.    
Heavying things up is the bombastic 'Bad Taste Of You' with its rougher sound and vocals that take on a harder, more gravel edged style, 'Finding My Way (Back To You)' is another superbly crafted ballad and it's time to get your lighters out, wave your arms in air and swing gently from side to side. In 1992 Bon Jovi released their 'Keep The Faith' album with a different sound to all their previous albums and Defy All Reason, with 'Shame' have managed to re-create that sound. Slightly darker, a bit heavier and deeper vocals, all the while retaining the same catchy and infectious grooves. 'I Run' picks up the pace to become a mid tempo, high energy blast of melodic hard rock.    
Head nodding and foot tapping has to be a physical requirement when listening to Defy All Reason. 'Because Of You' is a gruff and rough stomp, arrogant and brash with a dash of attitude in the vocal delivery. I have mentioned the legendary Bon Jovi a few times in my review already, and will mention them again as Defy All Reason cover one of Bon Jovi's greatest power ballads, 'Wanted Dead Or Alive'. Released as a single by Bon Jovi in 1987, Defy All Reason pay it total respect and keep their cover version as near to the sound of the original as they could. 'Wanted Dead Or Alive' does fit snugly into the album, as it does have that same southern rock feel.    
The power ballad 'The Only One' brings the pace down to a "slow dance" feel, the kind of feel newlyweds have late at night, on the dance floor at their reception. 'Cure For Healing' acts only as an introduction to the final song 'Redemption', with a definite blues feel. 'Redemption' does mix melodic hard rock with energetic, high intensity rock, alongside the blues feel, giving the listener absolutely no clue in which direction the song will turn next.    
Overall, hard rock with hints of blues, southern and glam rock that results in a hard edged, catchy and infectious, feel good album.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Stampede Press UK    
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