Departed E.P.

Departed are a hard rock band from the UK forming in 2014 by former The Treatment guitarist Ben Brookland and Empire Of Fools singer Mark Pascall. The debut release from the band is their 2016 self titled E.P.    
The aptly titled 'Are You Ready' opens the E.P. in classic British rock fashion with the band clearly stating "are you ready" for some hard hitting and punchy rock music. Elegantly written, 'Are You Ready' is chunky with some awesome guitar riffs and a clean and clear vocal delivery courtesy of the (very) experienced Mark Pascall. With an increase in the intensity and energy levels, 'Dreaming' is melodic hard rock at its most rockiest. There is a major difference between British rock and American rock...namely British rock dispenses with the glitz and glamour and relies more on catchy hooks and memorable melodies. A much more down to earth attitude accompanies British rock too.    
A heavier feel and a much more up tempo rhythm pushes 'Pretty Little Thing' along at a foot tappingly addictive pace. Departed are a new band, with new ideas and a fresh outlook, which shows through the music and will excite the old and young rock fans everywhere. A more ballsy and bombastic vibe flows as 'Don't Follow Me' rocks hard with a very catchy and infectious chorus which will get everyone singing along. After only just four songs (out of seven) this debut release is turning out to a very impressive one. At less than three minutes in length 'Superstitious' is a quick paced, bombastic blast of rock that hints at the early eighties rock sound that UK legends Whitesnake delivered, before they Americanised themselves with their 1987 self titled release.    
First single released by Departed is the buzzing 'Steal Your Crown'. With a guitar sound influenced by the early days of the NWOBHM evolution, 'Steal Your Crown' hits hard and kicks even harder... With its chugging rhythm and infectious melodies, 'Steal Your Crown' is a very memorable song that will leave a long lasting imprint in your head. Closing the E.P. is the happy and up tempo blast of rock 'All I Want'. Probably the most punchy and hard hitting song off the E.P. 'All I Want' is an impressive end to a very impressive debut release.    
Overall, hard hitting, bombastic and memorable classic British rock from a new band who have made an impressive and immediate impact on the rock scene.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV