Under Attack

Destruction are a thrash metal band from Germany formed in 1982 who, along with fellow countrymen Kreator, Sodom, Exumer and Tankard, have placed German thrash metal firmly and squarely on the international map, creating a brand of thrash full of brutality, aggression and ferocity. It has been thirty years since Destruction released their debut album, 'Infernal Overkill', and with their fourteenth album due in the summer of 2016, the band have lost none of their passion and dedication to flying the flag for the unique sound of German thrash metal.    
A slow build up begins the new album, building the tension to a crescendo before the explosive riffing and aggressive vocals rip through the airways and 'Under Attack' (the album) is underway with 'Under Attack' (the song). Pounding and pummelling, 'Under Attack' is a rampant romp of brutality played at a furious pace. Guitar solos screech, drums thunder and the vocals spit venom. The furious pace becomes frenetic as 'Generation Nevermore' increases tempo and races at full tilt, weaving a path of destruction as it strides on. 'Dethroned' continues the barrage of brutality as it cuts and thrusts like a professional fencing sportsman. Rhythms will stab you, guitars will slice you and the vocals will slap you round the head such is their aggressive nature. Destruction continue to destroy all before them such is the bands mastery.    
Dark, sinister and moody, 'Getting Used To This Evil' steps out of the shadows and menacingly stomps forward, creating an atmosphere of terror that will leave you shaking and shivering in fear. 'Getting Used To This Evil' is slow paced, very heavy, doom tinged thrash metal. A dramatic change of pace sees 'Pathogenic' blast off like a rocket, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. The mosh pit will become a sea of heads all banging in unison and even a wall of death may just form. 'Pathogenic', just like its meaning, will infect you and take you over...if you are not head banging and stamping your feet furiously to this song, then you are most likely dead. The intriguingly titled 'Elegant Pigs' is a heavy, thunderous foot stomp that will make you stamp your feet so hard, you are likely to crack the floor right where you stand. 'Elegant Pigs' also has the superb lyric "what the fuck ever happened, to the true spirit of rock"    
'Second To None' scorches in on the back of blistering guitars and a galloping rhythm so fast it almost trips over itself. Destruction are delivering high speed thrash metal that is a head bangers dream. Fast paced, 'Second To None' is old school thrash metal plated in the modern era and is a sparkling highlight of the album...I can't praise 'Second To None' enough. The thunderous 'Stand Up For What You Deliver' is an anthemic stomp, with Destruction doing exactly what the song title states. The band are delivering top class thrash metal with copious amounts of pace, power and passion. German thrash metal has never sounded so good and is high on the worldwide radar...all thanks to this album, the recent Exumer release and the highly anticipated new album from Sodom. Mid tempo and very heavy, 'Conductor Of The Void' is a majestic barrage of brutality and raw riffing. Rumbling like a massive thunderstorm, the riffs come raining down, with electrifying rhythms and venomously delivered vocals. All too soon and the album nears its end, with the closing song, 'Stigmatized' a high velocity barrage of raging riffs and rampant rhythms.    
Overall, furious, frenetic and brutal thrash metal that will make you head bang violently and at such a velocity that your next trip will be to A & E.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV