Decibel Casualties

Destructor are a power/thrash metal band from the USA formed in 1984 releasing their debut album in 1985 and disbanding in 1988 after the death of their bass player. Reforming in 1999, Destructor penned the album 'Back In Bondage', but this was never released. Full length albums have been released in 2003 and 2007, with 2016 seeing the release of the bands "second" album, 'Back In Bondage'. 'Decibel Casualties' is the fifth album by the American thrash metal titans and was released in 2017.    
After thirty years in the music industry, Destructor have stayed true to the vibe and feel of old school thrash metal, delivering it with a power and passion that many of the newer bands severely lack. Before listening to the new Destructor album, it is advisable to complete some warm up exercises on your neck muscles as they are gonna be used to the max... With its ferocious and aggressive guitar riff, 'Restore Chaos' gets the album underway with the opening lyric "We are here, Gather round" ... almost ordering you to come and listen. Pounding and pulsating, 'Restore Chaos' is a beautiful reminder of why the eighties style of thrash metal is so great, and why so many fans still listen to it, and thanks to so called old school bands, such as Destructor, the eighties sound is still alive today, and thriving... 'Keep The Faith' keeps the highly energetic romp racing along and is more catchy and friendly than the opening song. Superb riffing, thrash metal suitable vocals and a sing a long style chorus make for a cracking journey of neck muscle stretching. With its horrific sounding title, 'Metal Spike Deep' is a merciless stomp of chugging guitars and thundering drums, to keep your head nodding back and forth in a fairly violent manner.    
'We Are Ready' opens with screaming guitars and is a blistering and mildly aggressive romp. I grew up in the eighties when thrash metal was evolving, with America and Germany two major influences on the direction the genre took, with Destructor playing their part in 1985 with the release of their debut album. Other bands from that era have recently released new albums and I believe the thrash metal genre is flourishing and doing exceptionally well. Destructor increase the pace and fly along at break neck speed with 'The Last Days' a superb speed/thrash metal song. The years have not diminished their passion and 'Decibel Casualties' is up there with recent releases 'Conformicide' (Havok), 'Gods Of Violence' (Kreator), 'The Grinding Wheel' (Overkill) and 'Brotherhood Of The Snake' (Testament).    
Thrash metal is enjoying more than just a revival right now, it is living the high life and being enjoyed by more fans around the globe than ever before, with Destructor a worthy member of the pack leading the way. The instruemntal 'Fiery Winds' has a more heavy metal feel about it, cracking guitar work and that all infectious nature to keep your head banging from start to finish. In actual fact, if you listen closely enough, there are similarities with Powerslave era Iron Maiden... If ever you wanted a prophetic statement for a song title, you need not look any further than 'Metal Till Death'. Lyrically anthemic and straight from the heart of a true metal head, 'Metal Till Death' is an anthem that is lived and breathed by so many metal fans all around the world. Bringing the album to a close is the superb speed/thrash metal fused 'In Hell'. At over six minutes in length, it is an epic of titanic proportions and is a head bangers dream. It is fast, furious and aggressive...everything that thrash metal should be.    
Overall, a passionate and powerful journey of old school style thrash metal that will test the limits of far your neck muscles can flex.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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