Race Against The Sun: Part One

Dethonator are a heavy metal band from the UK formed in 2002, releasing their self titled debut album in 2010 and their second album 'Return To Damnation' in 2013. 'Monuments To Dead Gods' E.P. was released in 2014. Their debut album was remixed and partially re-recorded by the current line-up and released in 2016. 'Race Against The Sun' is a 2019 release, and is part one of a double album release, with the details surrounding the release of part two, coming later this year.    
The UK, the birthplace, and home of heavy metal, boasts some of the greatest metal bands the world has ever seen. Heading for their tenth anniversary as recording artists, British heavy metallers Dethonator launch part one of a double album release that will see them rise to the upper echelons of British heavy metal, and begin their foray to the frontline of the worldwide heavy metal scene. 'Race Against The Sun: Part One' is nothing short of brilliant. Ten songs across a fifty five minute play time is a weighty release, offering everything from galloping metal, to mid tempo stomping, with some howling and growling vocals thrown in that would not be out of place on a death metal album... My love for British heavy metal is unyielding, and has been since the early eighties, and with age there is no sign of abatement, and with great albums such as 'Race Against The Sun: Part One' my love affair is as strong as it ever has been. The classic sound of traditional heavy metal launches the album in fine fettle with the thundering foot on the monitor style of 'When Lucifer Fell'. Heavy hitting and full of ferocity, 'When Lucifer Fell' is a barn storming opener, full of thrusting riffs and will have you hooked within seconds. At over six minutes in length it is a bold opening statement, a statement that just gets bolder, with another six minute plus opus, the faster paced 'Nightmare City'. Highly energetic and galloping furiously, 'Nightmare City' is a glorious head banger. Dethonator have set my senses on fire with an explosive double opening salvo...    
...a double that becomes a triple, with the harsher sounding 'Burial Ground'. Running close to the thrash metal border, Dethonator scorch the Earth with 'Burial Ground' as it furiously thunders on by. Heaviness blended with pace all sewn together with an infectious undertone, sees 'Race Against The Sun: Part One' quickly becoming a contender for Album Of The Year. Moving into mid tempo foot stomping territory, 'Ulflag' is a monstrous march of buzzsaw sounding riffs that cut and thrust a savage path. Death metal style howls and growls adds an awesome twist to the bands traditional sound, attracting listeners from a wider range of genres than just heavy metal. Take a back seat Iron Maiden, Dethonator launch a story tell anthemic epic of their own, 'Ghost Of The Rolling Horizon' an atmospheric and majestic stride of pulsating addictiveness. At over six and a half minutes in length, 'Ghost Of The Rolling Horizon' is memorable for all the right reasons, delivering tension filled passages and crescendo heights that are just breath taking. A quickening of pace sees 'Pyroclastic' rocket forth with urgency and purpose, reintroducing the death metal style vocals once more to great effect. Head bangingly infectious, 'Pyroclastic' is a galloping gourmet offering from a band totally on top of their game...    
...a game that is only half way through, as the album progresses into its second half with acoustic guitars and a soulful vocal performance, only for about thirty seconds though, 'The Hangman' turning into one of the heaviest foot stomps this side of Megadeth. Riffs that sound like a catfight between a jackhammer and a chainsaw resonate through the airways with immense force. Such a savage barrage of brutality that will leave battered souls in its wake. Intensity levels shoot through the roof with the thundering 'Narcisside', mixing clean vocals with growled, and the traditional sound of heavy metal is spliced with blistering speed metal riffing. Riffing that becomes thrash metal styled as the fierce 'Terror By Night' crashes into view, demolishing anything and everything in its way. An upfront, in your face, arrogant swagger of savagery, the growled vocals are delivered with extreme aggression and may just scare a few people. Bringing the curtain down on part one, remember that this is the first of a double album release, is the fiery and fast paced foot on the monitor styled 'Sharps Cairn'. The instantly recognisable buzz guitar sound of the NWOBHM evolution stands tall and proud, 'Sharps Cairn' rampaging forth, triumphantly ending the album in glorious style.    
Overall, a thundering romp of grandiose heavy metal, blending the traditional classic sound with thrash to deliver a head bangingly addictive adrenaline rush.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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