Love's Gone To Hell E.P.

Doro is a heavy metal artist from Germany who began her career in 1984 fronting the power metal band Warlock, the band releasing four albums before breaking up in 1987. Doro continued as a solo artist and to date has released 12 studio albums, 2 live albums, numerous singles and E.P.'S and 7 official compilation albums. 2016 sees the release of the five song E.P. 'Love's Gone To Hell'.    
I first heard of Doro back in the eighties when she fronted Warlock. Songs such as 'Burning The Witches', 'Hellbound' and 'All We Are' from the bands four albums are power metal tinged with speed metal and looked to be setting the band up for a long future. However, the band split and Doro has gone on to have a very successful solo career, releasing some landmark albums. Now celebrating thirty years in the music business, Doro is set to release the 'Thirty Years Doro - Strong & Proud' DVD in the summer of 2016. In anticipation of this release, the 'Love's Gone To Hell E.P.' has just been released.    
The only new song on the six song E.P. is 'Love's Gone To Hell', a superb power ballad that has all the trademarks of the melodic side of Doro. Yes, she can also sing fast paced heavy metal and hard hitting hard rock, but in the shape of 'Love's Gone To Hell' it is lighters in the air time. Superbly sung, expertly played and Doro, the "metal queen" still knows how to please her army of loyal fans. There are three versions of the song here, the single version, a shortened radio version and the original demo version, in all its raw, basic form.    
The other three songs on the E.P. include the duet with Lemmy (legendary frontman of Motorhead who sadly passed away in 2015, R.I.P.), 'It Still Hurts' from the 'Raise Your Fist' album released in 2012. Two live recordings are also included. The first is 'Rock Till Death' (again from the 'Raise Your Fist' album) recorded in 2014 with guest Hansi Kursch (vocalist, Blind Guardian). The second, also recorded in 2014, is 'Save My Soul' from her 1989 debut album as a solo artist, 'Force Majeure'.    
Overall, a good power ballad from the legendary "metal queen" Doro, however, it is the two live songs on the E.P. that makes it worth a listen.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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