Myth Real

Dream Weaver are a dark power metal band from Greece, originally formed in 1990, but after a number of line up changes and a period of hiatus, the band are back with a new album and sounding better than ever.    
'Myth Real' is the bands second album and was released in 2012, nine years after their debut album, 'Words Carved Within'. The new album kicks off in bombastic fashion with 'Elemental Kingdom', a rampaging power metal romp that rattles along at pace, with great riffs and vocals. A typical European sounding big power metal riff signals the beginning of the mid tempo foot stomp, 'Velvet Shadow'. Chugging away relentlessly, it foot stomps on its way, all loud and proud. 'Atlantis' continues with the mid tempo pace and is dramatic to the core, with an epic feel as it strides on to a conclusion.    
The dark side of Dream Weaver raises its head high with 'Four', introduced to the listener with an almost doom laden intro, before the guitars crash in with an almighty heavy riff. Stomping hard, 'Four' is very heavy and is a moody romp of slow and steady. 'End Of Time' ups the tempo in typically European power metal style, and is catchy and infectious as it strolls on to an end. The up tempo power metal style is kept going with 'Evil Saints' displaying chopping guitars and a rumbling rhythm. Very infectious and featuring a buzz sounding guitar style, 'Evil Saints' displays traits of the NWOBHM sound as it breezes by.    
'Father Sun, Mother Dawn' is an atmospheric, mighty guitar driven song with powerful vocals, sounding more like the American style of power metal. Mid tempo and high on intensity, 'Father Sun, Mother Dawn' will infect your senses and have you singing along to the anthemic style chorus. 'Visionaire' trundles in on the back of some doom genre worthy guitar riffing. Maintaining a slow and heavy foot stomping pace all the way through, 'Visionaire' is followed by 'Wither Away', assuming a similar path as its predecessor. The final song 'Aurora Borealis' is a dark, moody and chillingly atmospheric journey as it meanders its way majestically to a finish.    
Overall, big power metal riffs and catchy songs, this is an album to please the fans of traditional European metal    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins