Heavy Metal Nightmare

Forsaken Age are a heavy metal band from New Zealand formed in 2009, releasing their debut album 'Back From Extinction' in 2012. The five song E.P. 'Vengeance Of The Slain' followed in 2016, with the bands sophomore album 'Heavy Metal Nightmare' emerging in 2020.    
Encapsulating the awesome power of traditional heavy metal from the glorious eighties, New Zealand heavy metal outfit Forsaken Age not only have the sound spot on, but their image is top class too - denim, leather, and lead singer Chrissy Scarfe's battle jacket is simply amazing. As for the bands new album - that's pretty amazing too. Forty minutes and eleven songs of classic heavy metal that will appeal to the hearts and souls of traditionalists everywhere. First up is the first single from the album 'Ravens Cry' - a classic foot on the monitor style gallop featuring the great Tim "Ripper" Owens as guest vocalist. The influence of the greats 'Maiden, 'Priest and Saxon is clearly evident, Forsaken Age ploughing on with melodic intent. A scorching opener is quickly followed by the heavier hitter 'Black Magic' - and that guitar sound, wow! The classic guitar sound so synonymous with the iconic NWOBHM evolution is high in the mix, and Scarfe's vocal performance ranges from a powerful growl to a classic melodic march. If you take the best of British and stir in the best of Europe and add a dash of the best from America, you'll get some of idea of how Forsaken Age sound. Heavy metal traditionalists are gonna lap this album up.    
The eighties are not dead. Far from it - the eighties live in bands all around the world. Today it just happens to be New Zealand, and a band called Forsaken Age. 'Death Terror' comes complete with a galloping rhythm, a chant style sing a long chorus, and an infectious rhythm to cause yourself some serious wetting issues. 'Death Terror' really is that fucking good. The pace quickens to the fastest on the album so far, in the mighty shape of the blistering 'Fire In Our Hearts'. This is the first time I've ever heard Forsaken Age, and it didn't take very long to fall in love with this band - as you will do too. 'Fire In Our Hearts' is classic metal powered by a relentless rhythm that is just so addictive. The mid tempo and melodically infectious style of heavy metal rises to the fore with the thundering 'Guardians Of The Damned'. The most melodic offering so far, 'Guardians Of The Damned' is the 'Children Of The Damned's bigger brother. The very heavy foot stomping style of mid tempo heavy metal shines brightly with the highly anthemic 'Hail And Farewell'. A rabble rousing chant style chorus is gonna be loved by an in concert audience, well, by every in concert audience actually.    
And now for the superb title song 'Heavy Metal Nightmare' - it has it all. Pace, power, snarling vocals, and an infectious rhythm that does more than just infect you, it takes you over. If you're looking for a song to become a fan of the band, then this is it. 'Heavy Metal Nightmare' (the song) shines so fucking brightly, it's up there with 'The Trooper', 'Ram It Down', and 'Power And The Glory'. New Zealand may be on the other side of the planet to the country that gave heavy metal to the world, but its reach has stretched the eleven and a half thousand miles required to influence a band that formed three decades after the NWOBHM evolution began. The offspring of an illicit encounter between Judas Priest and Saxon, 'Iron Overlord' is a powerfully forceful heavy metal rampage. And when I say rampage, I don't mean an out of control tearaway, I mean a focused and proud slab of classic metal. Raise your fists high in the air and salute a corker of tune.    
Melodic and atmospheric to make Iron Maiden proud, 'Ride On' has the kinda intro that Iron Maiden have made famous for many a year. A crescendo building and tense intro that builds to a climax, and then the barrelling, galloping style of the NWOBHM takes over and pushes 'Ride On' on at a head bangingly addictive pace. And oh that riff, that guitar buzz so synonymous with the NWOBHM sound, is another wet yourself moment, courtesy of the mighty 'Time Warrior'. Big and bold, 'Time Warrior' also has the kind of sing a long style chorus that will provide total crowd participation in a live arena. All good things come to an end is one of the truest sayings ever, and I'm sure that's why the replay button was invented... 'Heavy Metal Nightmare' (the album) ends with the mid tempo and hugely melodic 'Running In The Dark', closing the curtain on a truly remarkable and thrilling album of some of the best traditional heavy metal I've heard for a few years.    
Overall, a scorching album of traditional heavy metal, Forsaken Age are not so much a heavy metal nightmare, as a heavy metal dream.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Forsaken Age    
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