From Zero E.P.

Freakstorm are a hard rock band from Germany formed in 2016. beginning life as a tribute band, developing into a hard rock band that writes its own songs. The bands first E.P. 'We Got The Fire' was released in 2018, and their second E.P. 'From Zero' a 2019 release.    
Combining heavy hitting bombastic riffs with powerful female vocals, German rock band Freakstorm are electrifying the airways with a fiery display of infectious and catchy hard rock. Heavy hitting opener 'Can't Keep Me Down' is a ferocious "knock yer socks off" song, that shouts from the rooftops its arrival. It's loud, proud, foot stompingly addictive, and a definite sit up and take notice type of song. 'Payback Time' crashes the party, bringing a more melodic feel to the E.P. especially across the chorus - which has "sing with me" written all over it. Just two (of six) songs in and the wow factor is already off the scale.    
The vocal range of the bands gorgeous singer Sinah Meier, is astounding - the passion and emotion she injects into the power ballad 'Not The One' is stark contrast to the powerful and soaring vocals of the opening two songs. Fourth song 'Nothing' brings back the heavy hitting feel of earlier, and the oh so powerful vocals too. 'Nothing' is catchy, addictive and a party anthem to send all partygoers into frenzied excitement. And for me, Freakstorm have been one of the finds of the year.    
Oh my fucking God - what a ballad 'Sometimes' is. Just an acoustic guitar and vocals working in perfect harmony, with so much emotion... Sinah's voice here, reminding me so much of Canadian rock singer Alanis Morissette. In a live arena, lighters are gonna be held aloft and (literally) everyone will be swaying from side to side, as 'Sometimes' turns the atmosphere into a highly emotionally charged one. Ending the E.P. is 'We Got The Fire', the hardest rocking and punchiest song on offer. It's an up tempo, energetic and booming belter of a song to end twenty three exhilarating minutes of electrifying hard rock.    
Overall, six songs of high energy and punchy hard rock, Freakstorm have delivered an absolute gem - a gem that every rock fan should have in their collection.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins