Hamerex are a heavy metal band from the UK formed in 2004.    
The new album opens with an instrumental, two minutes of brutal crunching heavy metal that sets the tone for the rest of the album. 'Life Or Death' then lurches forward in bombastic style, turning into a thumping romp of catchy riff and a vocal delivery that sounds like a cross between Phil Rind (Sacred Reich), Blackie Lawless (W.A.S.P.) and Chuck Billy (Testament). A cracking opening salvo, setting a trend that will continue as the album progresses.    
'Inferno' is a slow, heavy, doom laden song hinting at the early careers of iconic legends Black Sabbath and Dio. The mid tempo foot stomper 'Edge Of Madness' has one of the best guitar solos heard on the album, bursting with pride and passion as the song passes the halfway mark. 'Edge Of Madness' is quickly followed by the fastest song on the album, 'The Extremist', delivering a Slayer-like feel in its arrangement, and Hamerex seem to have transformed themselves into a thrash metal band for this song.    
Not wishing to be confined to just the heavy metal genre, the band steam off track into the hard rock arena with the thunderous 'Mortuary', a song heavily influenced by the evolutionary NWOBHM movement of the eighties. With its catchy guitar riff and sing-a-long chorus, 'Mortuary' is almost certain to become a crowd favourite.    
Foot thumping hard rock continues apace with 'The Stranger', delivering a more mid tempo romp, but still retaining all addictive characteristics of British heavy metal. 'Descent Of Angels' rumbles along with power and pace proving to the world just how brilliant a metal band Hamerex are.    
'Night Of Samhain' is an eleven minute heavy metal song reminiscent of any of Iron Maiden's epic long songs. Hinting at influences from many different genres of metal, 'Night Of Samhain' blends thrash, power, speed, doom and traditional British heavy metal to awesome effect. Bringing the album to a close is 'Still The Wall Remains', a musical departure from everything else on the album with its acoustic guitars, soulful vocals and almost ballad-like feel.    
Overall, a very good album that combines thrash metal, doom metal and hard rock with a superb growl-like vocal performance, proving that British heavy metal is not dead.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Hamerex    
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