The Last Ride E.P.

Hamerex are a heavy metal band from the UK formed in 2004 releasing their debut album in 2013 and the follow-up the year after.    
Since the release of their second album, 'IX' two years ago the band have grown and evolved, culminating in the release of their E.P. 'The Last Ride' with a distinctive new sound, reminiscent of the NWOBHM movement of the early eighties. The band still retain the high energy, bombastic style that has earned them a loyal following.    
'Calm Before The Storm/ Natures Wrath' opens the E.P. in a slightly sinister and dark mood before kicking off in a blaze of guitars and rampant drums. Chugging relentlessly like a tug boat on the Thames, it is traditional British heavy metal as it should be, catchy and infectious with memorable guitar hooks and melodies. At over eight minutes in length, the opening song has plenty to offer and the opportunity to show off the musicianship of the band. 'Ride On Ruin' picks up the pace and races on furiously, all guitars blazing with infectious foot tapping riffs and a catchy chorus.    
'Reign Of Fire' is an epic thunderous song with a slower foot stomping rhythm. The guitars are heavy, the solos are clear and the vocals are powerful. A definite highlight, it has so many comparisons to the NWOBHM sound it is uncanny, but it still sounds modern too. 'Apophis' ends the E.P. with heavy guitars, a near doom style stomp, with a breath taking guitar sound.    
Overall, NWOBHM sounding release but with modern touches, this is an infectious, addictive and memorable heavy metal romp.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Hamerex    
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