Detritus Of The Final Age

Harlott are a thrash metal band from Australia formed in 2006 releasing their debut album 'Origin' in 2013. 'Proliferation' followed in 2015 with the bands third album 'Extinction' a 2017 release. 'Detritus Of The Final Age' is the bands fourth album, and was released in 2020.    
Three years ago, Harlott roared into my metal world with a slab of thrash combining the best elements of legendary thrash icons Slayer and Testament, and proceeded to pummel a savage indentation in the walls surrounding my metal mansion. Thankfully the walls didn't crumble, but the indentations remain - and with the bands new album now resonating around the mansion, those indentations are about to get decidedly deeper. For 'Detritus Of The Final Age' offers more savagery, and more brutality, than its 2017 predecessor... The pummelling begins with 'As We Breach' - a ground shaking, walls crumbling, building destroying slab of ferocious thrash. Coupled with a growling, snarling vocal performance, 'As We Breach' is a terrifying opener. Menace and pace are increased as 'Idol Minded' flies in and rockets on at high velocity. The sheer savagery of 'Idol Minded' is like being run over by a steam roller. Okay, I've never been run over by a steam roller, but I can imagine the savage nature of being flattened is as savage as 'Idol Minded'. 'Bring On The War' brings on a mood and anger not heard yet - a more mid tempo brutality that slugs and slams the listener with a relentless ferocity. A ferocity that unleashed in the public domain, would gain serious attention from the violent crimes unit of the local police.    
The title song 'Detritus Of The Final Age' picks up the pace once more, raging like a tsunami as it weaves across the land wreaking havoc and total destruction on everything in its path. Mosh pits are gonna go mental for this one - the trademark Slayer brutality is high in the mix, but Harlott are no Slayer clones. They have taken brutal thrash to a whole new level, retaining an ounce of the melodic - something Slayer never did! Powering on, Harlott maintain the albums intensity with the super fast 'Prime Evil'. Entering the realm of the speed metal genre, 'Prime Evil' is a thrash metal speedster that promises to bang your head right off your shoulders. And if it doesn't - you ain't head banging hard enough...    
At almost eight minutes in length, 'Nemesis' is the longest song on the album so far, and is a harsh mix of thrash, melodic heavy metal, and foot stomping aggression - just check out the guitar work from fifty five seconds for about half a minute to see how far into heavy metal territory Harlott travel. 'Nemesis' takes a scenic route through all corners of the thrash metal genre as it rambles on its way. Out and out thrash metal takes front and centre with the fast paced and highly aggressive 'Slaughter', wreaking a fierce thunderstorm of savagery as it flies by at a devastating pace. Dragging its knuckles like a lumbering boxer, 'Grief' is a heavy foot stomp of pure angst. The menace and terror oozing from 'Grief' will have many listeners diving for cover, and many more cowering in fear. At over eight and a half minutes, 'Miserere Of The Dead' is now the longest song on offer, and offers a rip roaring mix of traditional metal and thrash. The combination of the two greatest genres in the world is a glorious mix, and one that I could listen to endlessly. The pace, the power, the intensity, are all in abundance - Harlott seeming to have an endless supply. The album comes to a frenetic end with the shortest song on offer 'The Time To Kill Is Now'. At just two minutes and ten seconds, 'The Time To Kill Is Now' is a fiery tirade of the fastest, most savage thrash the album has to offer, and is a crushing end to a crushing album.    
Overall, a bone snapping, neck breaking rampage of thrash, full of savagery and brutality, and a head banging addictiveness second to none.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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