John Prasec is a hard rock singer, composer and songwriter from Italy, releasing his self titled E.P. in 2014 and his first full length album in 2016.    
An effects laden one minute intro 'Roadkill', leads into the opening song 'Iron Horse' and you'd be forgiven for thinking that John is kicking off his new album with a Motorhead cover. It isn't, and as soon as the opening riff begins you'll also realise it isn't...'Iron Horse' is a hard hitting slab of hard rock that is catchy and delivers a feel good vibe as it rolls on. The vibe rolls on as 'Raise Your Hands' crashes in on the tide of a gushing guitar riff and displays all the hall marks of party rock, the kind of rock that early era David Lee Roth fronted Van Halen delivered. Foot tappingly addictive and sing a long, 'Raise Your Hands' will also raise a smile. 'Teaser' brings the pace and mood down, introducing a bluesy touch and a Southern Rock feel as it struts on by.    
'Unchained' is a slow tempo, hard hitting and punchy song, with a bluesy guitar buzz reminding me of the late eighties/early nineties brand of sleaze rock with bands such as Faster Pussycat and Cinderella strutting their stuff. 'The One' is a guitar driven rocker. The pace is increased and the energy levels rocket as it flies past in a flurry of frenetic riffs and rhythms. With a distinct NWOBHM influence, 'Take A Look' buzzes endlessly, like it came straight out of the eighties NWOBHM evolution. Head noddingly addictive and catchy, 'Take A Look' is the most metal song on the album...but hold onto that thought.    
'You Are Driving Me Mad' is raucous and has a kind of grunge/progressive twang to it. It does pick up pace and gently thunders along echoing the sleaze rock genre. Now, when I said "hold on to that thought' regarding the most metal song on the album...John Prasec does a sparkling cover of 'Ace Of Spades' by legends Motorhead. The punk tinged British band has been honoured by John as he delivers his tribute to one of the most influential bands in the history of heavy metal. The album is brought to a close by 'Wicked', again a rollicking good vibe straight out of the sleaze rock genre. If you're looking for a light hearted, feel good, fun rock album, then this may just fit the bill. Go on, take a listen and you may just agree with me.    
Overall, an intriguing journey through sleaze rock/blues rock with foot tappingly addictive songs with a feel good party vibe.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
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"hard hitting and hard rocking, this is five songs of pure, in your face, swaggering heavy rock. Superb guitars and vocals, this is a must listen" Read Review