The Waystone

Kaine are a heavy metal band from the UK, who since their formation in 2009 have released one studio and one live album, are now set to release their second studio effort, the highly anticipated 'The Waystone'. Due for release in August, 'Iron Lady' and 'Resistance' have already been released as singles.    
'Iron Lady' opens the album in bombastic style, nodding its head towards the classic twin guitar attack and pounding rhythms that made the NWOBHM so popular during the mid 1980's. The vocals are clean and powerful, the guitar solos are a sparkling romp and with a catchy sing a long chorus, this will have fans of traditional heavy metal salivating at what else is coming up on the album.    
The slower paced 'The New Wave' is thunderous, very heavy and has a vocal performance laden with angst and attitude as it stomps its way through some fantastic melodies and mesmerising guitar riffs. 'Dreams To Nightmares' is all about speed, pace and power and is a superb example of the galloping rhythms that Iron Maiden are well famous for. 'Solidarity' is a mid tempo, foot stomping, hard rocking song with a superbly arranged intro, all meandering guitars and machine gun base lines. The change of vocalist from Rage Sadler to Dan Mailer shows the versatility of the band and doesn't take anything away from the band's sound.    
Second single off the album 'Resistance', is a superb chugging head banger of a song that has "sing-a-long" written all over it. The vocals are great, the guitar sound and melodies reminiscent of late eighties Anthrax and the chorus will be screamed by fans everywhere. This is a song that is going to be a crowd favourite in a live arena.    
'Entropy (Unrelenting Chaos)' is an updated modern version of one their earlier classic instrumental songs. 'This Soul Exchange' has a wonderful acoustic intro and is full of dramatic time changes as it ducks and dives its way through riff after riff and thunderous rhythms, finishing with a swashbuckling romp and an acoustic outro.    
Foot stomping, full tilt, hard rock returns with 'Wanderer'. This song has chopping guitars and melodies that will leave an instant imprint on the mind. Closing the album is the eleven minute epic 'The Waystone'. To pull off a song this epic, it takes two things, superb song writing and big balls! with Metallica, Iron Maiden and Manowar writing these epics all the time. Time changes to keep the song alive, excellent lyrical content to keep the listener interested and superb musicianship are the requirements for songs of this length and Kaine have all of them in abundance. This is a great ending to a great album.    
Overall, superb song writing and excellent musicianship make this an album a must for all fans of traditional metal. British heavy metal is not dead - Kaine are living proof.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Kaine    
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