Justice Injustice



Kaine are a heavy metal band from the UK, who since their formation in 2009 have released two studio albums, two singles and a live album. With the addition of a third guitarist and the replacement of their original bass player (who is performing for the last time on this single), Kaine are heading to the studio to record their new album. Ahead of the album, Kaine have released a new single, 'Justice Injustice'.    
Whenever you hear the expression "traditional British heavy metal", bands that come to mind are usually legendary stalwarts Iron Maiden, Saxon, Judas Priest and Motorhead. They all made a massive impact during the early eighties, spearheading the NWOBHM movement and gaining a huge following by constantly gigging anywhere and everywhere. Kaine are a band that display that same mentality - relentless hard working and passionate.    
The band are continually growing, developing their sound and getting better and better. With a new line-up and a new album on its way, Kaine are proving that they are a band for the long term. The new single, 'Justice Injustice' opens with one of the best "British" riffs you could ever wish to hear. Chugging guitars, a relentless backline and a much more powerful vocal performance than ever before, 'Justice Injustice' is a superb example of traditional British heavy metal. Fists will be punching the air, heads will be banging, feet will be stomping and a huge smile will appear across the faces of heavy metal fans everywhere.    
'Justice Injustice' is a mouth watering appetiser, ahead of the new album, which will most likely be released next year. Between now and then, Kaine will be touring around the UK at a venue near you, so make sure you go see them as they are a band on the rise and definitely one not to be missed.    
Overall, relentless chugging, infectious and addictive, Kaine epitomise traditional British heavy metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Kaine    
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