The Soundhouse Tapes - Live 2016



Kaine are a heavy metal band from the UK, who since their formation in 2009 have released two studio albums, five singles and a live album. The band are currently writing material for a new album, which hopefully will see the light of day in 2017. On August 5th 2016, Kaine played a live set at The Soundhouse in Colchester, which was recorded and has been released as 'The Soundhouse Tapes - Live 2016'.    
This second live album from the band contains seven songs of which five of them are brand new and has been released, as it happened, with absolutely no studio polish or overdubs. Kaine are a superb live act, and give one hundred percent effort every time they play and this recording has managed to capture their energy and passion. Halfway through the opening song, Rage Sadler (the bands founder, lead singer and guitarist) screeches "alright Colchester, lets get ready for some old school fucking heavy metal" ... and that is exactly what you get - thirty four minutes of blistering, pulsating and breath taking heavy metal. 'Heaven's Abandonment' is the opening song and sets a scorching pace for what is to follow. Duelling guitars and a galloping rhythm and you have the classic sound of the NWOBHM attacking your senses.    
The first single off the bands 2014 album 'The Waystone' gets a rousing reception from a frenzied audience. 'Iron Lady' is a bombastic blast of traditional sounding heavy metal with all guitars screeching and screaming as they blaze a trail of destruction across the venue. Energy levels are kept on an upward trajectory as 'A Night Meets Death' blasts off and is simply breath taking as the pulsating rhythms cut a savage path through the atmosphere. An atmosphere that is high on adrenalin, denim, leather and sweat. The bands 2015 single release 'Justice Injustice' strides in with one of the best sounding British guitar riffs ever. With its relentless guitar chug an infectious sound that will make you bang your head very hard, 'Justice Injustice' is a brilliant song.    
Kaine pride themselves on the fact they are a band that loves to play live, and will go to the ends of the Earth to play, bringing their brand of NWOBHM influenced heavy metal to fans everywhere. Back in the late seventies/early eighties, iconic bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Saxon made a name for themselves around the pubs and clubs, promoting themselves as a live act first and then the studio albums followed. Kaine have followed that kind of endeavour and have found themselves with a huge following, which they repay, with cracking live performances. More new songs follow, the mid tempo, heavy stomp of 'Fall Of Jericho' and the more melodic 'Afterlife' with a superb, faultless guitar intro. 'Voice In Hell' is an epic six minutes in length and meanders through riff after riff after riff. Kaine are an experienced band and also tight in a live environment and always leave fans totally satisfied at the end of their performances. If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing them live...where in the hell have you been? Go see them, it will worth it...    
Overall, Kaine have managed to capture their live energy and are so confident in their own ability, the release is unedited, undubbed and unpolished. This is Kaine at their best.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Kaine    
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