Kenziner are a power metal band from Finland formed in 1994, releasing their debut album 'Timescape' in 1998, and the follow up 'The Prophecies' the following year. Prolific in their early years, it was fifteen years before the band released their third album, 2014's 'The Last Horizon'. Now armed with a new singer, Kenziner released their fourth album 'Phoenix' in 2020.    
If you're looking for a power metal album that's both heavy and melodic, moving from light to shade with a glorious mix of guitars and keyboards - you won't go far wrong with the new album from Finnish metallers Kenziner. Ten songs over a forty two minute play time, 'Phoenix' is one of those albums that just gets better and better as each song passes... 'Eye Of Horus' opening the album in a blaze of glory - quickly into its stride, galloping hard, mixing heavy metal with power metal to create an infectious and immediate like. The album moves swiftly on with the thundering 'Listen To The Devil'. Quicker paced than the albums opener 'Eye Of Horus', 'Listen To The Devil' is lightning quick with a rampaging rhythm, oozing with an insane "need to head bang" feel. And after just two songs in, 'Phoenix' is blazing a scorching trail...    
...a trail that shows no sign of fizzing out, as 'Shadow Of The Moon' thunders in and adopts a mid paced melodic stance. 'Shadow Of The Moon' is a prime example of how melodic power metal should sound - would you expect anything else from a band with over twenty years experience? Of course you wouldn't... And oh my God, the melodic march just gets better and better, with the electrifying and goose pimply 'Tears Of Destiny'. A swaggering, staggering, heavy hitting power metal romp, 'Tears Of Destiny' is infectious and loveable - 'Phoenix' now beginning to look like, err, sound like, an Album Of The Year contender. And holy shit, the pace of 'The Mirror' is phenomenal. The overall melodic feel of the album remains intact, even though 'The Mirror' is delivered at high velocity with so much energy it could power the National Grid for years! The bands new singer has a powerfully melodic voice, fitting the bands sound perfectly - a sound that is a sparkling combination of driving guitars and keyboards. For the first time since the album began, it hits the brakes - sharply. 'Osiris Rising' is an anthemic mid paced monster, eat your heart out Manowar, HammerFall and Sabaton, Kenziner are in town to steal your crown. Okay, I admit it's gonna take more than one song to wrest the crown away from the aforementioned anthemic legends, but it's a start.    
High energy melodic power metal makes an emphatic return to the album in the formidable shape of 'Curse Of The Pharaoh'. Big riffing with a bouncy and highly infectious rhythm, 'Curse Of The Pharaoh' is one of those songs that will involuntarily have you head banging along. With no sign of the customary ballad that most modern day power metal albums seem to possess, Kenziner continue their melodic march with 'To Hell And Back' - a punchy and crunchy mid tempo heavy hitter, similar in impact to an absolute classic from the past, 'Forever Young' by hard rockers Tyketto. Moving toward the progressive style of music, 'Phoenix Rising' takes on a different ambience, but only during the verses. The chorus break is definitely sat firmly and squarely in the traditional power metal genre. 'Phoenix Rising' will surely become a crowd favourite in concert sing a long with a chorus this fucking good. And just when I thought it was safe to say we've reached the final song without entering into ballad territory - guess where we are? Yep, ballad territory... Heavily keyboard led, 'The Miracle' ends the album in a blaze of lighters held aloft, listeners swaying from side to side, and the most mellow and soulful vocal performance on the album.    
Overall, an immensely impressive album of all out melodic power metal, Kenziner deliver a highly infectious and memorable listening experience.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Pure Steel Records