Fallen Angel In The Hell E.P.

Metalwings are a female fronted symphonic metal band from Bulgaria formed in 2010 by singer Stela Atanasova, releasing their first single 'Crying Of The Sun' in 2015. The five song E.P. 'Fallen Angel In The Hell' was released in 2016, with a full length debut album due for release at some point during 2018.    
The debut offering from Bulgarian metallers Metalwings, is thirty minutes of superb symphonic power metal, blended perfectly with keyboards and electric viola. Singer Stela has a magnificent voice, soaring to heights that even some operatic singers fail to achieve. 'Fallen Angel In The Hell' opens the E.P. with a fantastical and mystical feel. Atmospheric, with an anthemic touch, the guitars, keyboards and viola work so well together, 'Fallen Angel In The Hell' is catchy, with an infectious groove and although symphonic metal/rock is not high on my list of favourite genres, Metalwings offer up a lighter, fresh and new slant on the traditional offering.    
With an upturn in both tempo and pace, 'Slaves Of The Night' is an energetic romp of infectious power metal with symphonic vocals. The heaviness across the chorus break is impressive, to involuntarily finding my feet tapping very hard was a surprise. 'Slaves Of The Night' is memorable for all the right reasons, with just the right mix of the different musical styles Metalwings have chosen to pursue. With a more atmospheric and epic feel, 'Ship Of Shadows' evokes the Celtic feel that is also an ingredient in the Metalwings signature sound. The addictiveness with which Metalwings deliver their songs is top drawer, infecting your senses with a magical feel.    
'Immortal Metal Wings' opens with a stunning buzz style guitar riff, later complimented with keyboards, and proceeds to float along like a breath of fresh air, the kind of freshness that a summer breeze gives your hot, flushed face... With only five songs on offer, Metalwings have done extremely well in making a huge impact on the symphonic metal genre, and with a full length album in the pipeline, I am expecting a much bigger impact is not too far away. Now for the icing on the cake...the fifth and final song on the E.P. is the best by far. 'Crying Of The Sun' is addictive and catchy and is more power metal than anything heard so far. The vocal spotlight is taken away from Stela in emphatic style as guitarist Dracovallis (real name Krastyo Jordanov) takes over vocal duties for the chorus breaks, with the two Bulgarians dueting perfectly. A pleasant and unexpected surprise, 'Crying Of The Sun' is a cracking end to my introduction to Metalwings, and I for one, am really looking forward to their upcoming album.    
Overall, a superb introduction to the Metalwings sound, the band delivering a freshness among the power/symphonic metal genres to great effect.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed for Metalmessage    
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