Still Believe In Us

Metalwings are a female fronted symphonic metal band from Bulgaria formed in 2010 by singer Stela Atanasova, releasing their first single 'Crying Of The Sun' in 2015. The five song E.P. 'Fallen Angel In The Hell' was released in 2016, with their full length debut album 'For All Beyond' a 2018 release.    
In 2020, with the world in the grip of an outbreak of a deadly virus, Metalwings have released a new single inspired by this global, and quite honestly, tragic event. The band have "dedicated it to all of you who are still looking for hope, and believe in goodness".    
The title of the single is 'Still Believe In Us', and is a digital only release, available from the bands bandcamp page. The single is composed, recorded, and produced by the bands singer Stela.    
The line "still dreaming of a better world without disasters" is a sentiment that many of us around the world are thinking, and praying for right now. And with the line "life is a stranger" because none of us have ever lived through a crisis like this, with our way of life disrupted in such a manner, no-one is sure what normal life is like anymore.    
Overall, a lyrically powerful song that means so much in a time of tragedy, the soulful and mellow mood is complimented by angelic, and soaring vocals.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
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