A Whole New Land

Metalwings are a female fronted symphonic metal band from Bulgaria formed in 2010 releasing their debut E.P. 'Fallen Angel In The Hell' in 2016, followed two years later by their full length debut album 'For All Beyond'. In early summer 2019, the band joined the European tour of Russian symphonic metallers Imperial Age, and then, just like everyone everywhere, went into isolation, as the world entered a global lockdown to combat a crippling worldwide pandemic, that basically brought everything to a standstill, including performing live. But like a lot of bands, Metalwings continued to work on their second album, and when lockdown ended, the band entered the studio and recorded 'A Whole New Land'...    
...released in 2021, featuring eleven songs over an incredible seventy minutes! With plenty of music to enjoy, the band are at their operatically symphonic best. 'A Whole New Land' is an epic journey of haunting melodies, sweeping mellowness, pace and tempo changes, and faultless, angelic vocals that soar so very high. The album opens with the longest song on offer, (the title song) 'A Whole New Land', chiming in at a hefty eight and a half minutes in length. Tension, anticipation, and expectancy abound for the first three minutes as 'A Whole New Land' (the song) builds an instrumental crescendo. And then boom, the vocals kick in, and the music fizzes with energy, the song floating in the clouds as it drifts by. First single off the album 'Monster In The Mirror' is an atmospheric journey of symphonic power metal, with the tempo a lot higher, the music a lot heavier, and the knife edged tension sending chills down the spine.    
And it's that tension that keeps you hooked... Just like an opera with ever changing scenery and characters, 'A Whole New Land' (the album) keeps changing yet has a hook-able streak that won't let you go. 'Like A Willow Without Tears' effortlessly swoons from light and mellow to heavy and thundering - at times hitting you hard, and then caressing you ever so softly. And keeping the caresses coming, 'I See Your Power' glides like the hands of a professional masseuse, massaging the sweet spots, relieving muscle tension, and leaving you happy, calm, and relaxed. Lowering the mood to a mellowness not heard before, 'Silence' is a swashbuckling tension filled journey of highs and lows, the crescendo of symphonic metal riding the crest of a wave, just like a surfer all the way to kick out and a perfect ten!    
Released last year, 'Still Believe In Us', was a digital single "dedicated to all of you who are still looking for hope, and believe in goodness" - referring to the global struggle to overcome a deadly virus gripping the planet. Composed by the bands singer Stela, 'Still Believe In Us' is a lyrically powerful song, the soulful and mellow mood complimented by angelic, and soaring vocals. By contrast, 'Killer Of The Angel's Love' is a meaner, moodier, and darker song than anything that's gone before. Its thumping rhythm also makes it the albums heaviest hitter. Maintaining the heavier sound of the previous song, 'Wonders Of Life' is big riffing, bouncy, and hard rock inspired - Metalwings adopting a boundary breaking stance between the genres of metal and rock.    
Keeping the recent light and rocking atmosphere afloat, 'Passengers Between The Rails Of Life' is a mid tempo, mid paced, foot tapping jaunt. And right here is the signature sound of Metalwings - heavy yet melodic symphonic power metal with a massive dose of the happy and smile inducing x factor...a Metalwings original recipe. 'Second Chance' brings mellowness back to the album, a light and fluffy atmosphere as we soar high up to the clouds. Melding traits of the symphonic, ballad, and soft rock styles, 'Second Chance' could be called a symphonic power metal/rock ballad, a term that fits perfectly the final song...the Bulgarian sung 'Milo Moe Libe'. Definitely a lighters in the air moment - 'Milo Moe Libe' is a perfectly soothing finish to a vibrant, and most diverse offering by the band to date.    
Overall, seventy enthralling minutes of symphonic power metal/rock, Metalwings take the listener on an engaged journey of totally hook-able awe.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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