Power Shall Prevail

Nightstryke are a heavy metal band from Finland formed in 2015, releasing 'The First Stryke' demo in 2016. 'Neon Killer' was released as a single in August 2017, as an appetiser for the bands debut album 'Power Shall Prevail', which was released the following month.    
If you're a lover of the classic sound of eighties heavy metal and the NWOBHM genre, and want to relive that golden era, then the debut album from Finnish metallers Nightstryke will take you right back there. For forty fabulous minutes Nightstryke delight and excite with "fists in the air" and "foot on the monitor" style heavy metal. Just a few moments into the opening crescendo building instrumental 'Powerture', the guitar sound is that of the mid eighties heavy metal scene, predominantly that of the evolving NWOBHM. The album launches proper with the title song 'Power Shall Prevail', galloping along at pace, head bangingly addictive and one hundred percent infectious. Think of British bands Raven, Angel Witch and Iron Maiden, all leading lights of the NWOBHM evolution, and you have the sound of Nightstryke. Full tilt and in your face, this is traditional heavy metal the way it should be. 'Hawk Of The Night' keeps the pace going and is a swaggering romp of rampant rhythms, more punchy and infectious than the opening song.    
The album contains all four songs that appeared on their 'First Stryke' demo, with three of them up next. The first is the totally heavy metal titled 'Steel Thunder'. Increasing the albums pace, 'Steel Thunder' is a thunderous high velocity rampage with a catchy sing a long style chant of a chorus. I can just hear the crowd yelling "steel thunder" at the tops of their voices in a live arena... Introducing a more melodic feel to the album is 'The Story Of The Forty Seven Ronin'. Across six minutes, Nightstryke deliver an epic journey of heavy rock, with pace changes, blistering guitars and a head bangingly addictive rhythm. There are moments during 'The Story Of The Forty Seven Ronin', especially the opening verse, where the song does sound similar to 'Alexander The Great' by Iron Maiden (off their 1986 album 'Somewhere In Time'). The scorching pace of 'Witches' Night' threatens to break the sound barrier as it savagely pounds and pummels its way on.    
The classic guitar sound of the NWOBHM leads the way as 'Neon Killer' strides in and races off with energy and intensity. The chugging buzz of the guitars is such an exciting sound, and one that got me hooked on heavy metal as I was growing up during the eighties. Even now, after more than thirty years, I still get the same pangs of excitement when I hear that NWOBHM buzz sound... The fourth song off the demo, is the galloping 'Take You Away'. Delivered at a blistering pace, with a sing a long, repetitive chant style chorus, 'Take You Away' is a superb romp. Bringing the album to a close is a nine minutes plus epic. Everyone knows that Iron Maiden are masters at these longer style songs, playing them out with a majestic and glorious vibe. With 'Mist In The Valley', Nightstryke have created their own gloriously epic song. The melodic heavy rock style takes centre stage as 'Mist In The Valley' romps along at a high tempo. Addictive and catchy, interest is not lost across all nine minutes such is the greatness of the song. A superb end to a superb album.    
With the death of their bass player Leevi Lehtinen in October 2017, the band cancelled all their upcoming tour dates, going on immediate hiatus. During this very sad time for all concerned, the band felt that Leevi would have wanted them to continue. Nightstryke recruited a new bass player and announced that the band would return in 2018.    
Overall, full of energy and intensity, Nightstryke deliver a "foot on the monitor" style album of sparkling heavy metal, recreating the classic NWOBHM sound.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV