Reaper-X are a thrash metal band from the UK formed in 2014. The band released the single 'Fury In Flames' in 2017, with their debut album 'Rise' a 2019 release.    
With influences ranging from Metallica to Pantera to Killswitch Engage, Reaper-X are part of a new breed of heavy groove thrash metallers, joining the likes of Carbon Black, PurEnvY and fellow British thrashers Ravenous. With their debut album 'Rise', Reaper-X are like an incendiary device, highly explosive and immensely devastating. Nine songs across forty four ferocious minutes is a blood pumping avalanche of bone crunching, skull crushing savagery.    
The sub two minute intro, 'Intro' (yep...!) sets a tense and menacing atmosphere as it builds to a climax, then launching head first into the ferocious opening song 'Blood In The Air'. Blazing, blistering and bloody hell fire, 'Blood In The Air' is an aggressive and in your face fully laden riff monster. The heavy guitars are savage and brutal as they cut and thrust their way forth, delivering a high velocity, violent head banging inducing rampage of razor sharp speed. A breath taking opening that will stretch your neck muscles to their limits, brutally kicks on with the heavy groove laden mid tempo stomper 'Reaper'. Heavier than a million wrecking balls, 'Reaper' is gonna crush everything that gets in its way. An aggressive vocal performance incites fear, lacerating the senses with merciless abandon. Just two songs in and the volume has been turned up twice... Brash and full of thrash nuances, 'Fury In Flames' is a raucous roller coaster ride of savage riffs, demolishing anything in its way, leaving only desolation in its wake. The force of 'Fury In Flames' is immense, and will pummel and punish your senses into submission, in a good way of course! 'Adrift' is a heavy mid tempo, doom laden heavy hitting thrash metal power ballad, ha ha, a thrash metal power ballad!!! Does one even exist? Jackhammer riffs delight as they dance heavily throughout 'Adrift', creating a tense atmosphere of menace and fear.    
Intensity levels go through the roof as 'Diplomatic Solution' thunders into sight and rockets off at an energetically high tempo. A venomous vocal performance spits the lyrics through gritted teeth, growling loud and proud "scream for blood". The mid song breakdown is highly reminiscent of the heaviness and vibe that Slayer delivered during their mid song breakdown from their classic thrash metal anthem 'Raining Blood'. Don't believe me? Go check it our for yourself! I'll wait . . . Chiming in at almost seven minutes in length, the albums title song 'Rise' is a savage stab of vicious riffs. You may wanna duck from the ferocious onslaught, but for those who prefer to stand, you're gonna be hit fucking hard with a barrage of brutality, tantamount to a bout of GBH. You have been warned! Upping tempo and energy, 'Red Menace' is a fierce ride of faster paced groove styled thrash and is actually the most heavy metal song the album has to offer. 'Red Menace' is catchy and has all the trademarks of the traditional sound of British heavy metal. There is an old saying "all good things come to an end", which is horribly true on too many occasions, especially when great albums reach their final song. But hey, isn't this the reason replay buttons were invented? 'Noose' heralds the final hurrah, and is one of the heaviest struts on the album. Exploding canon fire style riffs demolishes everything in its sights, the force of 'Noose' an immense and unrelenting stomp of savagery.    
Overall, a very heavy barrage of brutality, venomously delivered with a high level of savagery, 'Rise' is a fiercely fiery album.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Grand Sounds Promotion    
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