Step In Line

Revival Black are a hard rock band from the UK forming in 2018, releasing their debut album 'Step In Line' in 2019.    
Featuring a heavy hitting, classic rock sound that was prevalent during the seventies with bands such as Free and Bad Company, and the more blues infused rock sound that Whitesnake brought to the scene in the early eighties, Revival Black offer ten hard hitting hard rock songs across forty five minutes. And as soon as the guitar riff hits with the albums opener 'Wide Awake', you are gonna be very much wide awake - such is the hard hitting nature of the songs riffage. An immediate sit up and take notice song, 'Wide Awake' sets the tone for the rest of the album. The blues rock swagger is immense throughout the entire album, the vocal delivery a perfect match to the music, and you are gonna feel so alive listening to this album... Moving on, the album picks up the energy levels and pumps adrenaline with 'So Alive', an up tempo get the party started anthem. Feel good vibes resonate everywhere as 'So Alive' struts its stuff, and after just two songs, jaws will be dropping at the colossal cacophony of heavy hitting classic rock. 'Give You The World' is a mighty monster of mid tempo heaviness and late night swagger to welcome in midnight. Turn the lights down, get up and do a seductive yet energetic dance with your partner, turning the mood from party to lust...    
...and then get ready for some slow tempo sleaze, as 'No Secrets, No Lies' ambles in with a gargantuan riff, proceeding to pound and pummel the senses with its fierce and mildly aggressive nature. And I have to say the vocal performance by the bands singer Dan Byrne is terrific, full of passion and emotion, adapting to the different levels of swagger that each song throws out. And now for some awesome slow tempo sleazy blues swagger. 'Midnight Oil' is a slow burner, a classic rock sound straight from the late seventies/early eighties era Whitesnake, the only thing missing is the David Coverdale risqué and innuendo laden lyrics. As someone who drools over the genres of heavy metal, power metal and thrash, this album is giving me the same goose pimply feel that albums from those genres do, simply amazing and all credit to the band. And whoa, hold the phone sports fans, did I say "missing risqué and innuendo laden lyrics"...? Well that's all about to change with 'All I Wanna Do', the chorus line "all i wanna do is make love to you, love to you, yes i do" is totally David Coverdale, and perfectly executed by the band. 'All I Wanna Do' is classic rock, sleaze rock and heavy hitting blues rock all rolled into one corny and horny party anthem. The earlier seductive dance atmosphere of 'Give You The World' has now become sexual with the blatant boldness of 'All I Wanna Do'...    
...and as for the song title 'Hold Me Down', sorry my mind has just gone off on a terribly dirty come on Iron stay professional... 'Hold Me Down' brings inflections of the Soutehrn rock genre to the album, swaggering around like it owns the place, smacking listeners around the head with its mighty riffage and thunderous rhythms. Oh man, what a breathless album so far. And not a moment to catch a breath either, as energy and bombast levels go through the roof with the electric 'Silverline' a thumping, pumping, thundering heavy rock romp. Easily one of the best songs on the album, 'Silverline' is another party anthem to get even the most mundane of parties started. More in your face and mid tempo stomp than anything else on offer, 'The River' hits hard, kicks harder and will pummel your senses into submission, in a good way! Which brings us to the final song on offer, the title song 'Step In Line'. Highly energetic and bombastic to the max, 'Step In Line' is heavy rocking classic rock with a chant style sing a long chorus that a live crowd will surely all sing along to in unison. Revival Black, remember their name, have served up a ballad free hard rock album of ten heavy hitting rock songs.    
Overall, a hard hitting, heavy rocking album of classic rock, blues rock and Southern rock all delivered at breathless levels of energy and bombast.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV