Resurrection Of Devil's Spirit

Satanica are a heavy metal band from Japan formed in 2002, releasing their debut album 'Knights In Satanic Service' in 2004. 'After Christ, The Devil Comes' emerged in 2007, with the bands third album 'We Are Satan's Preacher', a 2010 release. The band have toured heavily in their home country, and supported Canadian metallers Anvil on their 2014 tour of Japan. The bands singer left in 2014, with founding member Ritti Danger assuming vocal duties. Nearing two decades as a band, Satanica released their fourth album 'Resurrection Of Devil's Spirit' in 2020.    
For me, Japanese heavy metal began in the early eighties with bands Loudness, EZO and Anthem, with Loudness and Anthem still performing and releasing new music today... There have been many bands follow the path set by this trio - Satanica one such band. Their brand of hard rocking heavy metal is an instant like, with infectious and addictive songs littering their earlier albums - 'Resurrection Of Devil's Spirit' is a heavy hitting nine song avalanche of aural delight. Opening with (what could be classed as the title song) 'Resurrection', Satanica explode into life and power on relentlessly, assuming a melodic heavy metal stance. 'Resurrection' is catchy and addictive, and yields a "wanna hear more" shout. And more you're gonna hear, as 'Bloodthirsty' thunders in and oh my God, that guitar sound is delicious. The iconic sound of the NWOBHM is alive and very well - Satanica adopting the traditional "foot on the monitor" gallop with 'Bloodthirsty'. And the chorus is highly sing a longable too...    
...what an opening double from the Japanese metallers. 'Liar' is less metal and much more hard rock, and I mean hard. 'Liar' is mid paced and anthemic bombastic metal at it's best. 'Black Widow' is a storming avalanche of ground shuddering heavy metal. The heaviness of 'Black Widow' is skull crushing and bone breaking - yet with a more melodic, sing a long style chorus. This is simply cracking stuff. 'Kamikaze' is the middle song on the album, and is also an instrumental - not one of those widdly guitar solo instrumentals, but a full blown proper metal instrumental that's just missing the lyrics. 'Kamikaze' has different shades, different levels of energy and bombast, and for its four minutes sixteen seconds run time, you just don't know which way it will turn. Fucking awesome!    
After the albums mid section interval courtesy of the 'Kamikaze' instrumental, Satanica launch straight into the ferocious 'Thunderstorm'. With all guns blazing and a pace that fits perfectly with the galloping style of traditional heavy metal, 'Thunderstorm' is, err, a thunderstorm of fiery intent. Melodic heavy metal makes an emphatic return to the album in the shape of 'Dark Star'. Mid paced and mid tempo, 'Dark Star' is a majestic march of heavy metal that will appeal to hard rock fans just as much as metal ones. And much more of the same, as 'Like A Fire' strolls in and strides on with a heavier feel than the previous song. The album has travelled fast, staying within the boundaries of the heavy metal genre, but also pushing the hard rock boundary to breaking point. And to the final song, 'Deal With The Devil' - the only song on offer to exceed five minutes in length. And what a corker to end with... Opening with a very heavy, almost doom style attitude, 'Deal With The Devil' shows a clean pair of heels and roars off at the fastest pace the album has seen. 'Deal With The Devil' boasts electrifying pace, an anthemic stomp and a major melodic streak running through it, bringing the album to a close with a flourish.    
Overall, a nine song stroll of traditional heavy metal, incorporating hard rock nuances to make it appealing to fans of both metal and rock.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Pure Steel Records