Metal Monster

SnakeyeS are a heavy metal band from Spain formed in 2013 releasing the 'Welcome To The Snake Pit' E.P. the same year. The bands first full length album 'Ultimate Sin' was released in 2015 with the follow up 'Metal Monster' a 2017 release.    
Living up to the albums title, SnakeyeS have delivered a monster of a metal album...eleven songs across nearly one hour of music. Quickly into its stride, 'Metal Monster' (the album) charges forth with the galloping 'Into The Unknown'. Mixing the best elements of traditional heavy metal and the European style of power metal, 'Into The Unknown' is a fist punching, adrenalin pumping, explosive opening salvo. Furiously fast paced, 'Evolution' is a hard rocking heavy metal rampage, similar in style to iconic British heavy metal stalwarts Judas Priest. Catchy and infectious, heads will be nodding vigorously as 'Evolution' thunders on by. Introducing a much more melodic hard rock feel, '(Point Of) No Return' is maximum infectiousness and one hundred percent sing a long able...and believe me, you will be singing along to this one. After just three songs in, SnakeyeS are delivering a memorable blast of catchy and addictive heavy metal.    
'Cyberkiller' is raucous, rampant and full of energy as it flies by at high speed. Blending the power, speed and traditional heavy metal genres, 'Cyberkiller' is a glorious gallop that deserves every accolade it is given. The title song 'Metal Monster' is one of the most catchiest songs on the album and is a mid tempo stomp of melodic hard rock. Add in the most epic of sing a long able choruses, and 'Metal Monster' (the song) is surely gonna become a crowd favourite sing along. 'Edge Of The World' is tinged with the instantly recognisable sound of the NWOBHM guitar buzz. Heavier than most of what has gone before, 'Edge Of The World' retains the catchiness across the chorus break, with SnakeyeS hitting the sweet spot as far as I am concerned, delivering some of the most infectious heavy metal ever. Blistering speed takes centre stage as 'Sign Of Death' races on by, leaving a trail of scorched earth in its wake. Speed metal infused, 'Sign Of Death' is a head bangers dream, fast and furious with a thundering rhythm.    
Two thirds the way through and can the album get any better? Of course...'Facing The Darkness' is a galloping NWOBHM inspired slice of "foot on the monitor" style heavy metal. Up tempo and full of energy, 'Facing The Darkness' is everything heavy metal should be, is one of the best songs on the album and will stand tall and proud for a very long time to come. Get your singing voices at the ready for the most infectious and catchy song on offer. 'Your Own Shadow' will infect you like no other as it swaggers on, mighty riffs and rhythms so addictive you will be hooked from the start. SnakeyeS are making a huge impact on the worldwide heavy metal scene, and I can just see that impact getting more and more noticeable as their new album spreads their sound around the globe. And spread far it will, with songs such as 'Circus Of Fools' delivering a catchy and infectious listening experience. For any fan of the traditional heavy metal sound, and the power and speed metal genres, this album is a must add to your collection. The epic eight minutes plus 'Rise Up (The Red Plague)' brings a brilliant album to an end in a style not too dissimilar to British heavy metal band Iron Maiden. Atmospheric and intense, 'Rise Up (The Red Plague)' is a majestic mid tempo melodic romp, bringing the curtain down on what has been an exciting and breathless journey of top notch heavy metal.    
Overall, hard hitting, rampant and very addictive, SnakeyeS have delivered a superb album of fast paced and melodic heavy metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV