Seven Sins

Stormzone are a heavy metal band from the UK formed in 2004, who have released four albums to date and are set to release their fifth album 'Seven Sins' in August 2015. Stormzone have built a strong following by playing powerful melodic heavy metal similar in style to the great European power metallers of the past and the new album promises much more of the same.    
'Bathsheba' opens the album with a blast of mid tempo melodic hard rock, powerful clean vocals, infectious guitar hooks and a catchy chorus. Superb guitar riffing brings 'Another Rainy Night' to life and is a foot tappingly excellent song as it strides on through some great guitar work and memorable melodies. Picking up the pace is 'Your Time Has Come' and is a top notch power metal song that will get you head banging and bring a smile to your face. Stormzone have developed a sound that is infectious, catchy and addictive, songs that are well written, played and sung and will effortlessly cross the genre barriers of heavy metal, hard rock and power metal.    
Back in the eighties, the likes of Bon Jovi, Van Halen and Aerosmith shaped a genre of hard rock with catchy, infectious and foot tapping songs. Stormzone have followed that path and added some heavier groove to produce a sound that echoes that style, such as 'The One That Got Away'. It has a hard edge to it, thunderous rhythms and powerful vocals, all delivered with passion and pride. Turning up the heat and powering like a jet engine is 'I Know Your Pain' which is a storm of blazing guitars and rampant power metal rhythms. The title song 'Seven Sins' rolls in on the back of a short acoustic guitar intro before a thundering foot stomp of a rhythm takes over and it becomes a huge slab of romping, epic hard rock.    
'You're Not The Same' picks up the pace and ploughs forward sounding like legendary German power metallers Helloween...infectious and addictive power metal with pace and clean vocals. A heavy doom laden style intro brings 'Raise The Knife' to life before the song returns to the formulaic infectious hard rock groove that Stormzone have adopted as their signature sound. 'Abandoned Souls' is a high tempo, high intensity power metal romp with 'Special Brew' a mid tempo, guitar driven, energetic song. With the album teetering perilously close to the edge by containing "too many same sounding songs" 'Master Of Sorrow' does just enough to keep it away from that edge, with it's feel good party rock vibe, catchy sing along chorus and a much lighter rock sound. Ending the album in much the same way as it started is the mid tempo 'Born Of The Damned' with yet more catchy, infectious grooves that fans of the good old mid to late eighties Bon Jovi and Van Halen inspired, genre changing hard rock will love.    
Overall, hard rock songs fused with power metal to produce some very good guitar driven, infectious melodic heavy metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV