The Deep are a heavy metal band from the UK formed in 2012 after a chance meeting by ex members of the British NWOBHM band Deep Machine, or to be more exact, the 1982 incarnation of Deep Machine. Throughout the eighties Deep Machine had trouble maintaining a stable line-up, however the band did release a number of demo's, yet never managed to secure a record label deal. After rehearsals in 2012, the former line-up decided to continue as a band, using the name The Deep. Their debut album, Premonition, released in 2015, contains material originally written during the eighties.    
Classic sounding and traditional, 'The Rider' opens the album in a blaze of guitars and foot stomping rhythms. This is NWOBHM at its very best - clean vocals, rasping and chugging guitars with a relentless, galloping rhythm. Picking up the pace is 'You Take My Breath Away', a thunderous, powerful and catchy song that is so infectious your head will be nodding in one hundred percent appreciation. Sweeping guitars and a sing a long chorus make 'You Take My Breath Away' the best song on the album. 'Nightstalker' plods along majestically and is a foot stomper supreme. With big riffs and even bigger drums, a thunderous mid section and a superb vocal performance, 'Nightstalker' is varied as it meanders its way to an end.    
'Cold Hearted' and 'All I Want' slow the pace to an almost blues inspired bar room style with a sparkling melodic hard rock sound. Not quite ballads, nor lighters in the air songs, they are proof that The Deep are more than just metal. The hard hitting, hard rocking 'Out Of Touch' has the iconic mid eighties sound and is a superb slab of heavy rock, with its catchy rhythm and a chorus that will have the entire audience singing along in unison. The title song 'Premonition' is a rougher, tougher sounding song, with a guitar heavy chugging sound, yet it retains the catchiness of the earlier songs.    
The Deep are not just re-living their past glories, they are here for the long term and the passion can be heard throughout the entire album. Not just sticking with the traditional heavy metal sound, the album wanders through various genres and lands squarely in the sleaze genre with 'Spellbound', a down and dirty, mid tempo romp of heavy guitars. Lighters at the ready, get your hands in the air, here comes the ballad...'Saga' rolls in on the crest of acoustics and soulful vocals and you can just visualise the entire audience swinging from side to side as the song ambles on and on. Bringing the album to a close is 'Turn Me Loose', an up tempo, foot stomping, head banging song that will bring a smile to the face of die hard NWOBHM fans the world over.    
Overall, traditional and British with a heavy NWOBHM influence this is an album of hard hitting, hard rocking, foot stomping songs.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins