Treat are a hard rock band from Sweden formed in 1981, releasing their debut album 'Scratch And Bite' in 1985. The band released four more albums, 'The Pleasure Principle' (1986), 'Dreamhunter' (1987), 'Organized Crime' (1989) and 'Treat' (1992), before disbanding in 1993, after failing to continue their eighties success with a new singer. After working on their 2006 compilation album 'Weapons Of Choice 1984 - 2006', the 1989 line-up reformed and released 'Coup De Grace' in 2012. A success, the band went on to release 'Ghost Of Graceland' in 2016, and their eighth studio album 'Tunguska' in 2018.    
The sound of Swedish hard rock was evolved in the early to mid eighties by pionering bands Europe and Treat. Big names in their home country, they are both big names worldwide too. After thirty years, both bands are still rocking, with Treat rocking harder than ever with their eighth studio album. 'Progenitors' gets the album off to the traditional heavy hitting style of Treat, catchy and melodic, with massive riffs and hooks to plant a huge smile on your face. A smile that just gets wider as the eighties melodic AOR sounding 'Always Have, Always Will' strides into view and majestically marches on, tall and proud. What a retro sounding song, and one that takes me back to the eighties when I first discovered Treat... Thanks for the memory lane stroll guys, which am sure I will be strolling many more times as the album progresses. An album of twelve songs across fifty five minutes, high on numbers and worth every pound, or krona, you spend purchasing it. 'Best Of Enemies' takes the album in a harder, more heavy hitting direction, with foot stomping a highly addictive activity. An activity that will continue on with the melodic, heavy rocking 'Rose Of Jericho'. Treat have always been a band that deliver infectious hard rock of a catchy nature, and their new album is no exception.    
Oh the classic sound of eighties Treat flows casually out of my speakers and I am once again taken down memory lane. 'Hearthmath City' is Highly reminiscent of their late eighties sound, and for a moment when I close my eyes I feel I am back in 1989! Showing the versatility of the band, 'Creeps' picks up the pace and rocks harder than anything heard on the album, so far... 'Creeps' is heavy hitting, high kicking European styled hard rock that will hit you so hard you may just end up in A&E. It's not a bad thing that Treat have thrown a number of retro sounding songs into their new album, catering for fans old and new, and this old one is delighted that they have. 'Build The Love' is melodic, AOR tinged classic rock that would not be out of place if it were released in the eighties. 'Man Overboard' is thumping, shuddering and pulsating hard rock of the heavy hitting kind, and will have feet stomping and heads nodding hard in appreciation of a heavy slab of melodic hard rock. The catchiest chorus of any song on offer, 'Man Overboard' is surely gonna become a crowd favourite in a live arena.    
Upping the tempo, 'Riptide' is bombastic mid paced hard rock that is so infectious you'll find your feet are stamping without you even realising. 'Riptide' is a party anthem that will definitely get the worst of parties started, it's infectious and catchy and a glorious romp of rock. Now what hard rock album would be complete without a power ballad to raise your lighters high in the air to? None, is the simple answer, and Treat will delight the masses with the mellow and emotional 'Tomorrow Never Comes'. Keyboards, guitars, harmonies, melody, soulful vocals and passion, 'Tomorrow Never Comes' has it all. A glorious ballad, 'Tomorrow Never Comes' is an epic, that deserves every single sway from side to side that you'll do. By contrast, 'All Bets Are Off' picks up the pace and borders on the heavy metal genre as it thunders on by, with a guitar sound echoing the iconic NWOBHM buzz. A sing a long style chorus adds to the catchy nature of 'All Bets Are Off', and almost unbelievably we arrive at the final song... Just where did the last fifty minutes go? Losing track of the time while listening to an album is simple proof of how good an album is. 'Undefeated' closes the album in a very heavy way, striding a majestic path as it strides on, proving Treat are no slouches in the worldwide hard rock scene.    
Overall, a heavy hitting album from start to finish, Treat, treat their fans to fifty five minutes of catchy and addictive hard rock.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV