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2 Cards Of 25          
Penumbra (single)        
"a superbly arranged and performed song, whetting the appetite of rock fans in anticipation of the debut album" Read Review      


2 Cards Of 25        
Lone Ranger E.P.        
"energetic and powerful solid rock mixed with emotion and fun, 2 Cards Of 25 have created a catchy and likeable sound" Read Review      
2 Cards Of 25      
Alice In Wonderland (single)      
"a bold and brave display of rock meets electro-pop, dubstep and disco making it an interesting and intriguing listen" Read Review      


Outlaw Psychosis        
"influenced by the likes of Black Sabbath, Megadeth and Slayer, this album is a heavy, aggressive, brutal rampage with a venomous vocal performance" Read Review      
Stories We Tell      
"a sparkling collection of AOR blended with hard rock, 7HY have delivered a cracking album, setting them on a path to global acceptance" Read Review      




The Unrevealed Truth      
"a solid album of thrash metal, recreating the sound of bands such as Nuclear Assault and (early) Anthrax" Read Review      


Never A Good Day To Die      
"catchy and addictive British heavy metal with blazing guitars and thundering rhythms to keep your head banging for a very long time" Read Review      


"standard, almost formulaic speed metal from a band that shows promise at various moments during the album but ultimately fail to deliver at a consistent level" Read Review      
Acid Reign      
The Man Who Became Himself (single)      
"a welcome return to the thrash metal arena, the new single is a cracking reminder of how good Acid Reign are" Read Review      


Act Of Defiance      
Birth And The Burial      
"brutality that may leave you hospitalised, Act Of Defiance are an explosive blend of ferocious riffs and vocals guaranteed to keep the mosh pit happy" Read Review      
Adrenaline Rush      
Soul Survivor      
"a superb album of melodic heavy rock and metal, catchy and infectious with sing a long ability, Adrenaline Rush are a band on the up and most definitely one to watch" Read Review      
Memento Mori      
"an intriguing and interesting album, blending influences from the death, black, symphonic and power metal genres" Read Review      


Of Unsound Minds      
"an awesome chugging guitar sound with a brutally heavy rhythm and deep growled death vocals. A very impressive debut" Read Review      
No Grave But The Sea      
"fiercely addictive and infectious, Alestorm have delivered a superb album of yo ho ho, that definitely marks the X on the treasure map" Read Review      


American Head Charge      
"an impressive, if short, collection of songs that pound the senses with heavy guitars and growled vocals" Read Review      


Adrenaline Shot E.P.      
"raucous, frenetic and chaotic thrash metal in a similar style to (early) Exodus, this debut E.P. is a breath taking blast" Read Review      


The Amorettes      
Game On      
"an exciting, ferociously passionate display of some of the hardest hitting hard rock/metal. A breath taking album of superb quality" Read Review      


"epic power metal with operatic style vocals backed with death metal growl vocals, infectious guitar hooks and some thunderous rhythms" Read Review      
Anger As Art      
Ad Mortem Festinamus      
"angry and attitude laden, this is no easy Sunday morning prepared for an adrenalin fuelled blast of screeching aggression and angst" Read Review      


"a superb mix of thrash and speed metal delivered at a thunderous pace with blistering guitar work and excellent vocals" Read Review      
The Venom Within E.P.      
"Animator are back and energetically thrashing very hard, with addictive rhythms, catchy riffs and a superb vocal performance" Read Review      
For All Kings      
"a varied album that swings between thrash and rock with too many melodic moments leaving not a lot to head bang to" Read Review      
Anvil Is Anvil      
"out and out heavy metal played at a high pace, full of energy and galloping rhythms that will keep Anvil at the fore front of the heavy metal genre worldwide" Read Review      
The Approach And The Execution      
Kings Among Runaways      
"fast paced heavy power metal with a hard edge topped with a unique mix of clean and gruff vocals resulting in a memorable collection of songs" Read Review      


"very heavy, very brutal, ferocious metal with powerful growled vocals and great riffs. Brutal metal at its best" Read Review      


The Art Of Escaping      
Three Ways E.P.      
"a refreshing burst of energy and passion, the Art Of Escaping have created a heavy, yet melodic, bold rock/metal sound" Read Review      


As Darkness Dies      
As Darkness Dies      
"traditional sounding heavy metal, played with an exceptionally high level of musicianship, As Darkness Dies are a new force in the world of metal" Read Review      


Knuckle Duster      
"traditional British heavy metal at its bombastic best. Thunderous drums and bass, blistering guitar solos and powerful vocals, all guaranteed to keep your head banging" Read Review      
Astral Doors      
Black Eyed Children      
"sharp edged hard rock full of energy with injections of the melodic, this is a storming album of addictive and catchy heavy rock" Read Review      


Axe Crazy      
Angry Machines E.P.      
"classic sounding NWOBHM from a band full of energy and passion. Twin guitars, galloping rhythms and a clear vocal style make for a happy head banging time" Read Review      


Into The Serpent's Den      
"classic sounding European heavy power metal played at a blistering pace, with galloping rhythms and a superb twin guitar attack. A head bangers dream" Read Review      




Baleful Creed      
Baleful Creed      
"an impressive debut album full of foot stomping rhythms, deep throaty gravel like vocals and superb guitar work" Read Review      
Baleful Creed      
Seismic Shifter      
"heavy rock fused with Stoner, blues, groove and grunge style influences, Baleful Creed have delivered an infectious and swaggering album" Read Review      
Bare Infinity      
The Butterfly Raiser      
"hard rocking melodic power metal with soaring vocals and an infectious nature that will keep you hooked from start to finish as the album meanders on its way" Read Review      
Battle Beast      
Battle Beast      
"an excellent array of powerful power metal that is exciting and will exhilarate metal fans everywhere. Look out for Battle Beast, they are gonna be big" Read Review      
Battle Beast      
Unholy Savior      
"hard hitting and punchy melodic heavy metal from a band that are on the rise and on the verge of making a huge impact in the world of heavy metal" Read Review      
Battle Beast      
Bringer Of Pain      
"a superb album of hard hitting, punchy and sharp edged heavy hard rock with a stunning vocal performance, Battle Beast continue to make a huge impact on the world stage" Read Review      


Heavy Metal Sanctuary      
"a superb slab of NWOBHM sounding heavy metal with blistering guitar riffs and solos. This is old school metal worthy of a place in the modern era" Read Review      


Hate Injection      
"aggressive and brutal old school thrash metal with screeching and screaming guitar solos complimented with an in your face throaty raspy vocal style" Read Review      
Imminent Downfall      
"powerful, high paced thrash metal with some slower, mid tempo pace thrown in to give the listener a varied listening pleasure" Read Review      


Beckon E.P.      
"an impressive release from a band not afraid to display its diverse approach in establishing its own furiously brutal sound" Read Review      


"great riffs, great vocals and superb song structure, making this E.P. a collection of power and pace, yet catchy heavy metal" Read Review      


Betrayer F.T.M.      
Full Blast      
"a mix of thrash metal, power metal and hard rock resulting in an album of quick, yet catchy songs" Read Review      
Black Cage      
Excess All Areas      
"an album of more pop rock than glam rock, it is a mix of good old fashioned rock and roll, soft rock with the odd party anthem thrown in" Read Review      
Black Dreams      
Soul Stealer (single)      
catchy and infectious blues-driven, with sing along-ability, 'Soul Stealer' is an impressive debut effort      


Black Tide      
Chasing Shadows      
"chunky guitars and thunderous rhythms coupled with strong vocals to produce an excellent album of hard rocking, catchy songs" Read Review      


Sinister Lightning      
"traditional sounding European power metal heavily infused with the sounds of the NWOBHM era to produce a high energy, high intensity album" Read Review      


Blacksmith Legacy      
Metal Never Dies E.P.      
"majestic and epic, oozing awesomeness, these four songs are the work of genius and are a superb example of how anthemic heavy metal should sound" Read Review      


Blaze Bayley      
Endure And Survive      
"hard hitting heavy metal and hard rock, topped off with a sparkling vocal performance by one of the UK's most enduring vocalists" Read Review      
The Bleeding      
Rites Of Absolution      
"fast and furious, fierce and vicious, this is an album of brutal thrash metal complimented with death metal style vocals" Read Review      
Blind Saviour      
The Master Plan      
"with galloping rhythms and duelling guitars all accompanied by superb keyboards, 'The Master Plan' is a sparkling blend of power and speed" Read Review      
War Of Dragons      
"blistering speed metal played with perfect precision, Bloodbound have delivered a high velocity blast of fierce heavy metal" Read Review      
Born Again      
Strike With power      
"a bold and bustling journey through various genres of metal and rock, Born Again have delivered an impressive debut" Read Review      
Broken Lingerie      
Lying Words E.P.      
"a short collection of promising hard rock with guitars that buzz and rhythms that are infectious and memorable. Good clean vocals too" Read Review      
Burning Shadows      
Truth In Legend      
"very heavy and pulsating, this album is stacked with songs packed with thrash, power and speed metal influences" Read Review      
Burnt Out Wreck      
"heavy hitting, hard rocking, old school style sleaze rock, influenced by some of the great bands from the eighties such as Faster Pussycat, Motley Crue and Whitesnake" Read Review      
  Burnt Out Wreck      
  Interview With Gary Moat (March 2017)      
  Click here to read my interview      


Celestial Ruin      
Pandora E.P.      
"punchy and full of energy, this is melodic/symphonic hard rock at its finest with a cracking vocal display and a catchy collection of songs" Read Review      


Honor Forth E.P.      
"pace, power and speed combined with clean vocals to produce a superb collection of fast, furious, yet catchy metal songs" Read Review      
Off The Grid      
"a breath taking fast and furious barrage of superb speed and power, every song infectious and catchy, Cellador have delivered an Album of the Year contender" Read Review      


"a wide ranging mix of songs with diverse influences, 'Regeneration' is not genre specific and will surprise and shock many" Read Review      


We Bleed Metal      
"powerful and dark, both in terms of the music and the vocals, Chastain prove they are still a force, with a rampaging, skull crushing array of metal songs" Read Review      


The One Inside      
"an album full of well written, well played, blues tinged classic rock, with some lighters in the air moments and some very good foot tapping hard rock" Read Review      


City Of Thieves      
Incinerator E.P.      
"high energy, high intensity, heavy rock with a strong hint of the sleaze rock genre, this is infectious and head noddingly addictive" Read Review      


The Peace Paradox      
"a confusing mix of metal and rock, that steps into the grunge, doom and power metal genres leaving the listener confused yet intrigued" Read Review      
Circle Of Time      


Believe In This E.P.      
"a powerful, raw, hard hitting release that bulldozes the senses with relentless aggression and energy" Read Review      


Return To The Wasteland      
"heavy, aggressive and solid thrash metal delivered at pace with rampaging rhythms, blistering guitars and raspy, gravel edged vocals" Read Review      


Control The Storm      
Control The Storm E.P.      
"a refreshing, new sounding band that deliver an exciting brand of melodic heavy metal and hard edged hard rock" Read Review      


Control The Storm      
Stronger (single)      
"a brilliant introduction to the new vocalist, whetting the appetite of fans everywhere in anticipation of the debut album" Read Review      


Control The Storm      
Beast Inside      
"thunderous and bombastic hard rock with strong vocals, superb melodies, relentless and infectious" Read Review      


All Of Them Slain      
"heavy power metal, great guitar work and powerful vocals confirming that British heavy metal is still alive" Read Review      


Come Here Alive E.P.      
"an impressive debut from a young band, great vocals and superb musicianship will make the wait for an album an impatient one" Read Review      
Crazy Lixx      
Ruff Justice      
"immediately attractive and addictive, this is an album of hard rocking hard rock that is both catchy and infectious. A feel good album from start to finish" Read Review      


The Creptter Children      
"Iballa & N8OR are accomplished musicians, with every song beautifully written, constructed and played. All eight songs on the album deserve their place - there are no fillers here" Read Review      
The Creptter Children      
Watching You (single)      
"heavy, dark and sinister, 'Watching You' is a massive and very impressive progression in the musical style of The Creptter Children" Read Review      


Crimson Day      
Order Of The Shadows      
"traditional sounding heavy metal combining European power metal style vocals with very heavy guitars, pulsating rhythms. A headbangingly addictive album" Read Review      


Crimson Reign      
The Calling      
"a hard hitting slab of power metal and hard rock mixed with some ballad like melodies and rhythms" Read Review      


Critical Solution      
"fast paced, aggressive heavy metal with strong hints of Metallica and Iron Maiden, this is a pulsating and blistering thrash metal album" Read Review      
Critical Solution      
Barbara The Witch      
"a superb and swaggering album of out and out thrash metal that is fierce and ferocious with the underlying storyline delivering a sinister and chilling vibe" Read Review      


Ave Mortis      
"long, atmospheric and epic doom laden songs that meander and wander in all directions to surprise the listener" Read Review      
Cryonic Temple      
Into The Glorious Battle      
"thundering and majestic, 'Into The Glorious Battle' is packed to the rafters with thumping melodic hard rock and power metal gems" Read Review      
Cultural Warfare      
Future Kill E.P.      
"furious and ferocious, Cultural Warfare are spitting venom with an aggressive display of powerful and crunchy riffs, thunderous rhythms and an excellent vocal performance" Read Review      


The Cyon Project      
Tales Of Pain      
"heavy guitars and in your face hard rock, this album has attitude and aggression but also some mellower moments too" Read Review      




Human Wreckage      
"a solid album of thrash metal with a cracking guitar sound and heavy melodies" Read Review      


Inside Out      
"a progression from their debut, this album is full of matured thrash metal and experimentation" Read Review      


Still A Warrior      
"superb guitar driven, heavy power metal that will astound and astonish. A great album by a great band with a great guitarist" Read Review      


Il Demone Dentro E.P.      
"menacing, horrifying and brutal extreme death metal delivered with power, passion, hate and aggression" Read Review      
The Demon Inside (single)      
"brutality and aggression at its fiercest with riffs, hooks and vocals so heavy, cities will be destroyed and countries devastated" Read Review      


Damn Dice      
The Great Unknown      
"hard hitting, infectious and addictive hard rock, with pulsating energy and passion levels, 'The Great Unknown' is a breath taking hard rock album" Read Review      


Metal Heritage      
"a mix of blistering pace and very heavy, brutal thrash metal with superb guitar work that will have you banging your head very fast and very hard" Read Review      
Dark Avenger      
Tales Of Avalon: The Lament      
"atmospheric and epic power metal, Dark Avenger are back and sounding better than ever" Read Review      


Dark Witch      
The Circle Of Blood      
"traditional heavy metal with strong British and European influences, this is an album for fans of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden" Read Review      
Days Of Jupiter      
New Awakening      
"a mix of hard rocking, sharp edged heavy rock, blended with elements of the heavy metal genre to produce an album of addictive and catchy rock" Read Review      


Deadly Sins      
"thunderous and brutal thrash metal with gruff styled vocals, echoing traits associated with Slayer and Kreator" Read Review      
Death Angel      
The Evil Divide      
"a superb album of traditional sounding thrash metal, accessible across a number of genres that will keep heads banging for a long time. Death Angel at their best" Read Review      


Death Valley Knights      
Nothing Left To Steal E.P.      
"raucous, high energy hard rock with catchy songs and a definite early nineties sleaze rock vibe" Read Review      


Art Of Manipulation E.P.      
"short but brilliant introduction to the thrash metal sound of Deathinition. Heavy, thrash laden guitar riffing and powerful vocals" Read Review      
The Curse Of Power E.P.      
"aggression and brutality, pace and thrashy, this debut E.P. is in your face and full of attitude with some blistering guitars and a gravel edged vocal style" Read Review      


The Deep      
"traditional and British with a heavy NWOBHM influence this is an album of hard hitting, hard rocking, foot stomping songs" Read Review      
Time Isn't Healing      
"a traditional heavy metal sounding album, blending crunchy riffs, galloping rhythms and soaring keyboards to produce a great album of heavy rock" Read Review      


When Tomorrow Comes      
"a cracking mix of thrash and power metal that will please fans of Metallica and Pantera" Read Review      


Defy All Reason      
Every Second Counts E.P.      
"an E.P. to start a party, with its feel good vibe, lighters in the air ballads and good old foot tapping rock" Read Review      


Defy All Reason      
The Road Ahead      
"hard rock with hints of blues, southern and glam rock that results in a hard edged, catchy and infectious, feel good album" Read Review      
Defy The Tide      
Soteria E.P.      
"a fine slab of very heavy power metal, with an infectious guitar sound and a very powerful soaring vocal performance" Read Review      
Deja Vu      
"fast paced, hard hitting heavy metal, played with an unrelenting urgency and energy that will leave you breathless" Read Review      
Departed E.P.      
"hard hitting, bombastic and memorable classic British rock from a new band who have made an impressive and immediate impact on the rock scene" Read Review      


Assassin's Fate (single)      
"a superb single that will have fans flocking to buy the upcoming album, lining up to see them live and heads nodding everywhere in appreciation" Read Review      


Never Regret      
"European sounding power metal with a huge epic edge, to produce stunning theatrical, atmospheric songs" Read Review      


Desolation Angels      
Sweeter The Meat E.P.      
"bombastic, barnstorming NWOBHM proving that British heavy metal is alive. Sit up, stand up and take note" Read Review      
Under Attack      
"furious, frenetic and brutal thrash metal that will make you head bang violently and at such a velocity that your next trip will be to A & E" Read Review      


Back In Bondage      
"thrash metal from an era when it was still evolving, brash and brutal with a hint of rawness and a superb reminder of how great a band Destructor is" Read Review      


Monuments To Dead Gods      
"bombastic, raucous and infectious, 'Monuments To Dead Gods' is an awesome display of traditional British heavy metal" Read Review      
Devil's Gun      
Hot Rock City (single)      
"energetic and bombastic 'Hot Rock City' is an exciting appetiser for the full length album...due soon" Read Review      
Devil's Gun      
Dirty 'N' Damned      
"hard hitting, bombastic hard rock that echoes the glam/sleaze rock standard set by bands such as Cinderella, Slaughter and Ratt" Read Review      
We Rise      
"a wide ranging vocal style over superb doom laden hard rock songs, and you have an album that bristles and sparkles with energy and attitude" Read Review      
Be Like The River      
"an album full of hard rock, progressive and heavy metal, Devilskin are proving themselves a versatile and adaptable band, here for the long run" Read Review      
Diabolus In Musica      
Dirge Of The Archons      
"a faultless vocal performance with some cracking power metal influences but lacking the addictiveness to maintain my interest levels from start to finish" Read Review      
Diamond Head      
Diamond Head      
"the classic NWOBHM sound has never sounded better, and neither has Diamond Head. The album is packed with enough to excite fans, old and new" Read Review      


Disarm Goliath      
Born To Rule      
"traditional British heavy metal at its best, combining elements of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden to produce a fantastic NWOBHM sounding album" Read Review      


Discipline X      
Wasted In Hollywood      
"fast paced, punk edged, thrash metal with blistering guitars, chugging rhythms and deep throaty vocals" Read Review      
Distant Past      
Rise Of The Fallen      
"top drawer European power metal, blistering guitars, galloping rhythms, clean and clear vocals, what else do you need? Great songs! Yep, they're here too" Read Review      
Love's Gone To Hell E.P.      
"a good power ballad from the legendary "metal queen" Doro, however, it is the two live songs on the E.P. that makes it worth a listen" Read Review      


Twilight Of My Dreams (single)      
"an infectious, guitar driven, traditional sounding power metal song, setting a high level of expectation for their forthcoming E.P." Read Review      
The Explorers (single)      
"a guitar driven instrumental, highlighting the musical ability of the band, whetting the appetite of their fans in anticipation of the upcoming E.P." Read Review      


Dream Weaver      
Myth Real      
"big power metal riffs and catchy songs, this is an album to please the fans of traditional European metal" Read Review      
Dust Bolt      
Mass Confusion      
"fast, furious and frenetic thrash metal delivered at a blistering pace that is simply breath taking" Read Review      


The Dutch Duke      
Saevus Umbra E.P.      
"echoing the no frills, energetic, pink tinged heavy metal made popular by Motorhead, The Dutch Duke bring fresh life to the table and up the ante" Read Review      


"catchy hard rock with one hundred percent sing a long ability and an infectious nature that will keep your head nodding and feet tapping from start to finish" Read Review      
Electric Shock      
Burn Out      
"hard hitting hard rock, echoing the sound of early Kiss...catchy rhythms, memorable hooks and choruses that just beg to be sung, 'Burn Out' is addictive" Read Review      
Reckoning Day      
"pounding heavy metal from a veteran band of the European power metal genre, there is plenty on offer here to head bang to" Read Review      
The Embodied      
"an epic journey that delivers a sound blended from the thrash, power, speed and traditional heavy metal genres, this album will delight metal heads everywhere" Read Review      
Piece Of The Factory      
"very heavy power metal, buzzsaw style riffing and hard hitting rhythms with a snarling, venomous vocal style reminiscent of the old school sleaze metal genre" Read Review      
Engines Of Vengeance      
Lucky Machine E.P.      
"attitude laden progressive heavy metal with venomous vocals and a raw sometimes brutal rhythm that will keep you stomping for a long time" Read Review      
Face Your Creation (single)      
"relentless pace, chugging riffs and thunderous drums ... British heavy metal at its best" Read Review      
Edge Of Humanity      
"brutal and ferocious thrash metal with blistering guitars and a relentless rhythm section complimented by strong, throaty vocals" Read Review      
Lifeless Paradise      
"a good, solid album of thrash metal with some great guitar work but lacks that bit of creativity that would have made it a great album" Read Review      
Cloaks Of Oblivion      
"a mix of blistering and slow mid tempo paced thrash metal songs, providing the listener an interesting listen" Read Review      
Eternal Judgment      
Fatal Virus      
"an impressive E.P. of brutal thrash and speed metal combined with powerful vocals" Read Review      
Evil Scarecrow      
Galactic Hunt      
"a brutal, crunching and very heavy romp, this album has superb vocals, stomping rhythms and excellent guitar work. This is a cracking album" Read Review      
Humo Negro      
"classic sounding traditional heavy metal that is both catchy and infectious, with sing a long ability restricted to only those who can understand and speak Spanish" Read Review      
Exile Of Heaven      
The Illusion Of Randomity      
"melodic heavy rock oozing addictiveness from every song, Exile Of Heaven have delivered an album to put a smile on the faces of fans the world over" Read Review      
Breaking The Rock      
"heavily influenced by the eighties NWOBHM evolution, 'Breaking The Rock' is a full on heavy metal assault of head banging and foot stomping heavy rock  anthems" Read Review      
"fast paced, brutal, raw and energetic, this is a brilliant album of breathtaking, relentless thrash metal" Read Review      
World In Sin E.P.      
"heavy doom metal, with superb grooves, rhythms, chugging riffs and gravel edged vocals. If you like the music of Dio, you will love this" Read Review      


The Raging Tides      
"fiercely high paced and furious thrash metal from one of the genre's legends, this is a superb album of blistering heavy metal" Read Review      


Fatal Embrace      
Slaughter To Survive      
"aggressive and brutal, this album will devastate and destroy the airways with its rough and tough attitude, blistering guitars and venomous vocals" Read Review      
Fates Prophecy      
The Cradle Of Life      
"a sparkling mix of all out blazing heavy metal, heavier melodic metal and hard edged hard rock, there is something here for everyone" Read Review      
We Are Heavy Metal      
"rampant and raging traditional heavy metal, with power ballads, a sense of the epic and magical, anthemic and masterful, this is a terrific album" Read Review      
Fear Theories      
The Predator      
"very heavy, heavy metal, yet melodic and infectious bucking the trend that metal from Norway is all corpse paint, forests and vikings" Read Review      
Final Curse      
Way Of The Accursed      
"a brutal thrash metal album with a venomous vocal performance" Read Review      
Final Sign      
Hold High The Flame      
"out and out traditional heavy metal with galloping rhythms and blistering guitars, this is a dream album for fans of true heavy metal" Read Review      
Fire Red Empress      
Hail The Face (single)      
"hard hitting, punchy and thunderous hard rock, with cracking riffs and a superb vocal performance...definitely a band to keep an eye on" Read Review      
Flames Of Fury      
Flames Of Fury E.P.      
"a blistering twin guitar attack, galloping rhythms and a very strong female vocal performance that blends heavy metal and melodic hard rock beautifully" Read Review      
Flotsam And Jetsam      
Flotsam And Jetsam      
"proof that old school style thrash metal is alive and doing very well. A pulsating and breath taking album from legends of thrash, Flotsam And Jetsam" Read Review      
Forever Storm      
"bombastic, barn storming power metal full of energy and passion, this is an album that will please fans of European power metal" Read Review      
Freedom Call      
Master Of Light      
"faultless and precision delivered power metal played at an exceptional pace, heads will banging furiously and feet will be stomping hard" Read Review      
FS Projekt      
Rozhdeniye Maga      
"melodic power metal combining great riffs and clean vocals" Read Review      


The Reaping Of Our Days E.P.      
"deathcore vocals, relentless and fierce paced songs, Furyborn display traits of Fear Factory in their industrial/death metal fused environment" Read Review      


Death Awaits E.P.      
"atmospheric, hard hitting and punchy, Gabriel deliver superb atmospherics, intricate melodies and a cracking array of hard rocking, metal riffs" Read Review      
Game Over      
Crimes Against Reality      
"energetic and furious thrash metal setting a blistering pace similar to bands such as Overkill and Flotsam And Jetsam" Read Review      
Game Over      
Blessed Are The Heretics E.P.      
"a blistering reminder of how good a thrash metal band Game Over are, whetting the appetite of thrash metal fans the world over in anticipation of studio album number four" Read Review      
Gasoline Guns      
Metal 'N' Roll E.P.      
"punk tinged heavy metal with a raspy, throaty vocal sound and some blistering guitar work" Read Review      
Ghost Machinery      
Evil Undertow      
"power metal with strong hints of AOR that will have your feet tapping and head nodding in appreciation of a catchy and infectious collection of rock songs" Read Review      
Guilty As Sin      
"cracking NWOBHM sounding album from the iconic Girlschool full of energy with punk and blues influences. It is raucous and a reminder of how great Girlschool are" Read Review      
Destructive Ways      
"very heavy power metal, with chugging, infectious grooves and a powerful, clean vocal delivery resulting in a high energy, high intensity blast of heavy metal" Read Review      
As Dawn Bleeds The Sky      
"an album full of brutal, aggressive heavy metal with plenty of pace and power to keep your head banging for a long time" Read Review      
Grave Cross      
Nothing But The Night E.P.      
"an impressive debut, with buzzing guitars and chugging rhythms, reminiscent of the British heavy metal sound from the eighties" Read Review      
Grave Digger      
Exhumation - The Early Years      
"this compilation of songs from the mid eighties is a superb introduction to the development and evolvement of Grave Digger as pioneers of the power metal genre" Read Review      
Grave Digger      
Healed By Metal      
"a majestic and epic romp of power metal blended with some very heavy doom riffing and a touch of pace, keeping Grave Digger at the forefront of the power metal genre" Read Review      
Thoughts Of A Rising Sun      
"brutal guitar riffs, growled vocals and a traditional British metal feel to it, proving to the world that British heavy metal does have a future" Read Review      


Decommissioned (single)      
"an exciting rampage of relentless rhythms and aggressive vocals that punches hard and kicks even harder, this is brutal stuff" Read Review      
No More Forgiveness      
"an aggressive heavy metal assault that will pound and pummel you with a savage barrage of rampant and relentless songs" Read Review      
Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper      
Walking In The Shadows      
"superb collection of NWOBHM from a band who epitomise everything great about heavy metal, led by one of the UK's greatest vocalists" Read Review      


"a very good album that combines thrash metal, doom metal and hard rock with a superb growl-like performance, proving that British heavy metal is not dead" Read Review      
The Last Ride E.P.      
"NWOBHM sounding release but with modern touches, this is an infectious, addictive and memorable heavy metal romp" Read Review      
"traditional British heavy metal by a British heavy metal band, echoing the late seventies/early eighties evolutionary sound of the NWOBHM" Read Review      
Built To Last      
"a cracking album of explosive power and speed metal that is catchy and addictive and will have you head banging very hard for a very long time" Read Review      
Hammer Fight      
Profound And Profane      
"aggressive and ferocious, powerful and heavy, this album is full of blistering paced heavy metal" Read Review      
Hammer King      
King Is Rising      
"thunderous anthems majestically delivered with a hint of the epic, the album is packed to the rafters with addictive and catchy heavy metal" Read Review      
Hard Breakers      
In The Dead Of The Night      
"an album packed with hard edged hard rock, with a really great party rock and feel good vibe going on" Read Review      
"a superb and brilliant album of fast paced thrash, with every song played at break neck speed with amazing accuracy and precision" Read Review      
October Fire      
"combining traits of Slayer and Kreator, this is an album of high tempo, high energy, aggressive and brutal, slamming thrash metal" Read Review      
"a superb and savage thrash metal assault that will leave you breathless as every nerve is pumped with adrenalin rushing and exhilarating thrash" Read Review      
Hazy Hamlet      
Full Throttle      
"thunderous and relentless power metal with such an addictive nature that it will have you reaching for the replay button time and time again" Read Review      
Heaven Below      
Good Morning Apocalypse      
"bombastic heavy rock, addictive and memorable for all the right reasons, Heaven Below have delivered a sparkling album of hard hitting rock" Read Review      
Hell Fire      
Metal Masses      
"thunderous and infectious, 'Metal Masses' is a breath taking and adrenaline pumping album, packed to the rafters with blistering thrash influenced heavy metal" Read Review      
My God Given Right      
"bombastic and infectious melodic power metal with pace, speed and authority, everything you would expect from a Helloween album" Read Review      
Heroes Will Fall      
Defying The Parable      
"an impressive release of heavy as hell riff laden songs with clean and growled vocals" Read Review      
Night Dances      
"a mix of thrash, punk and hard rock resulting in an album of fast paced rock songs that will please many and disappoint few" Read Review      
"top notch melodic speed metal played with passion and precision, this is an infectious and addictive album that will have you instantly head banging" Read Review      
"three new songs & four live recordings, a display of just how good the band are live and also their willingness to still experiment with their sound on the new songs" Read Review      
A Higher Demise      
Entropy (single)      
"ferocious rhythms and aggressive riffs, with both growled and clean and clear vocals, 'Entropy' is a breath of fresh air from a young band" Read Review      
Hollywood Heads      
Hollywood Heads E.P.      
"a superb glam, sleaze, party rock E.P. with good vocals, superb guitars and foot tapping rhythms" Read Review      
Holy Cross      
Place Your Bets      
"thunderous chugging rhythms and a wide range of vocal performances, there is something here for fans of the thrash, speed and power metal genres" Read Review      
Holy Martyr      
Darkness Shall Prevail      
"mid tempo, moody and menacing doom inspired heavy metal, marking a departure from the signature Holy Martyr sound making this a surprising and intriguing listen" Read Review      
Human Fortress      
Thieves Of The Night      
"majestic and epic melodic metal played with passion at pace, pulsating and infectious it will keep you head banging and foot stomping for a long time" Read Review      
The Riders Of Ardenland      
"energetic, up tempo, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Manowar influenced heavy metal" Read Review      
The Forest Kingdom (Part 1)      
"an exciting mix of power metal, Viking metal and traditional British heavy metal to make this E.P. a must for the die hard metalhead" Read Review      
The Dead Stay Dead      
"raw brutality and aggression of the most brutal and aggressive nature, this album will demolish buildings and devastate towns" Read Review      


Black Hearse Serenade      
"brutal, raw and ferocious, this is a superb blast of attitude laden thrash metal with blistering guitar work and thunderous rhythms" Read Review      
I The Deceiver      
Enabler E.P.      
"aggression fuelled, brutal and attitude laden, this E.P. is worthy of a mention in the same breath as "Vulgar Display Of Power" (Pantera)" Read Review      
In Vain      
The Little Things That Matter      
"ferocious and urgent high speed thrash metal that is just breath taking. Be prepared for an aggressive, brutal and exhilarating listening experience" Read Review      
No Peace      
"classic sounding, old school thrash metal from an era when thrash was still evolving, this album is a cracking introduction to the mid eighties thrash metal sound" Read Review      
"an album that showcases the new direction and new influences of a band not afraid to experiment with their sound, breaking the boundaries of thrash metal" Read Review      
Iron Curtain      
Guilty As Charged      
"a breath taking and blistering album full of high energy and fast paced songs with a very strong NWOBHM influence" Read Review      
Iron Hunter      
Killing Machine E.P.      
"a mouth watering appetiser for the bands debut album, this E.P. is a thriller and I for one cannot wait..." Read Review      
Iron Kingdom      
Gates Of Eternity      
"an album full of great power metal, awesome vocals and numerous guitar solos" Read Review      
Iron Savior      
"breath taking and pulsating heavy power metal from one of the legends of the genre, providing excitement and enjoyment with every song" Read Review      
The Iron Son      
"brutal and aggressive, with a "take no shit" attitude and ferocious vocals, this is an album that rages and rants leaving you breath less" Read Review      


JD Miller      
World War X      
"hard and heavy hard rock that packs an immense punch, full of power and addictiveness that will infect you and have you smiling from ear to ear" Read Review      
Jac Dalton      
"swaggering hard rock delivered with energy and passion, blending elements of British and American rock, blues rock and AOR" Read Review      
Jacob Lizotte      
For The Fallen Ones      
"superb musicianship from a very talented musician, delivering a combination of speed and thrash metal that is adrenaline pumped and simply breath taking" Read Review      
Jameson Raid      
Uninvited Guests      
"thunderous rhythms, big riffs and powerful vocals, reminiscent of the great NWOBHM era that will keep you head banging and foot stomping for a long time" Read Review      
To Live Is To Suffer      
"fast and furious, aggressive and addictive, Jenner have delivered an exceptional album of top notch, head bangingly infectious speed/thrash metal" Read Review      
Toby Jepson      
Raising My Own Hell      
"Toby Jepson returns to the music scene in fantastic form, with acoustic, jazz fuelled feel good songs and a superb vocal performance" Read Review      
Jesus Christ      
We Will Fight      
"brutal, thunderous and raw thrash metal sounding like a mix of Slayer, Nuclear Assault and Megadeth" Read Review      
At The Expense Of Humanity      
"fuelled by reasons of a personal nature, this album is full of passion, pride and the sensational. Heavy power metal has never sounded so great" Read Review      
Jukebox Monkey      
Vs Time      
"hard and heavy, sometimes brutal, 'Vs Time' is a pounding slab of energetic foot stomping stoner rock" Read Review      
Junkyard Drive      
Sin & Tonic      
"a sparkling blend of hard rock, blues and Southern rock influences, with a sharp melodic edge that is both catchy and infectious" Read Review      


Rock The Castle - Live 2013      
"cracking songs, superb musicianship, great vocals and above all, passion, make this a must have live album for fans of traditional British heavy metal" Read Review      
Iron Lady (single)      
"Kaine have recreated the feel and buzz of the NWOBHM with a blistering slab of classic heavy metal" Read Review      
The Waystone      
"superb song writing and excellent musicianship make this an album a must for all fans of traditional metal. British heavy metal is not dead - Kaine are living proof" Read Review      
Justice Injustice (single)      
"relentless chugging, infectious and addictive, Kaine epitomise traditional British heavy metal" Read Review      
The Soundhouse Tapes - Live 2016      
"Kaine have managed to capture their live energy and are so confident in their own ability, the release is unedited, undubbed and unpolished. This is Kaine at their best" Read Review      
Khaos Theory      
Primevil Elements      
"a cracking slab of hard rock full of power and pace, mingled with some very good "lighters in the air" songs" Read Review      
Kill All The Gentleman      
The Faustian Delusion E.P.      
"furiously ferocious high intensity thrash metal with harsh growled vocals, this E.P. also delivers a few surprises...give it a spin and discover them all" Read Review      
Zero Tolerance (single)      
"Klogr blend traits of Pantera and Fear Factory to produce an exciting blend of aggressive and brutal heavy metal" Read Review      
Black Snow      
"brutal, aggressive and venomous, this is an album full of heavy chugging riffs and powerful, attitude laden vocals" Read Review      
Make Your Stand E.P.      
"heavy guitars, thunderous drumming and aggressive vocals, Klogr continue to impress with their unique blend of in your face, aggressive metal" Read Review      
Kodiak Jack      
Scars E.P.      
"energetic and bombastic, this E.P. is full of infectious and addictive hard rock songs that will bring a big smile to your face" Read Review      
Kold Creature      
Edge Of Gravity (single)      
"bludgeoning riffs and thunderous rhythms topped off with metalcore style vocals, this is a mouth watering teaser for the forthcoming album" Read Review      
Kold Creature      
A Weakened State      
"aggressive and in your face with bludgeoning riffs and thundering rhythms, 'A Weakened State' is a pounding, and senses pummelling, aural assault" Read Review      
Gods Of Violence      
"a magnificent and breath taking thrash metal romp that is simply stunning and out of this world. An early candidate for Album of the Year..." Read Review      
Wrath Of God      
"brutal thrash metal, growled vocals and crunching guitars, placing it among the likes of Slayer, Exodus and Kreator" Read Review      


Lady Beast      
Lady Beast II      
"the classic NWOBHM sound delivered at a head bangingly addictive pace, with buzzing guitars, galloping rhythms and a superb vocal display" Read Review      
Lady Beast      
Metal Immortal E.P.      
"epitomising everything the NWOBHM stands for, this four song E.P. is a blistering, head bangingly addictive release" Read Review      
Hannibal Ad Portas      
"good drumming, good vocals, slow and heavy, but the lack of guitar solos and melody, is disappointing" Read Review      
Leave Scars      
Chains Of Redemption      
"eighties influenced thrash metal with a Slayer like level of brutality and arrogance. Buzzsaw style riffing and raging rhythms will have you head banging furiously" Read Review      
Lethal Steel      
Legion Of The Night      
"mid tempo melodic hard rock, lacking the pace to be heavy metal until the second half of the album when it becomes an out and out heavy metal storm" Read Review      
Letters From The Fire      
Worth The Pain      
"a blend of hard rock, progressive rock and soft rock to produce an album that is a varied and intriguing listen" Read Review      
Lightning Lord      
All Father Death Stalkers E.P.      
"a blistering debut from Lightning Lord. Fast paced traditional heavy metal" Read Review      
Lilith And The Knight      
Wake Up (single)      
"sultry vocals, crushing riffs and catchy guitar grooves bring an air of excitement to the airwaves with this impressive debut" Read Review      
Good Luck      
"NWOBHM sounding heavy metal and hard rock, catchy and addictive songs that are infectious and memorable" Read Review      
Locker Sludge      
Drawing Lessons      
"heavy, doom laden riffing, gruff and aggressive vocals and chugging rhythms" Read Review      
Lucid Dreams      
Lucid Dreams      
"traditional NWOBHM sounding heavy metal mixed with hard rock and some really good guitars and keyboards" Read Review      
Lucifer's Hammer      
Beyond The Omens      
"traditional British heavy metal sounding, NWOBHM influenced metal that will please fans of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Raven and Manowar" Read Review      


Mad Agony      
"an album full of excellent mid and high tempo songs, numerous time changes, great guitar work and very good throaty vocals" Read Review      
Mad Parish      
"a superb slice of power metal, excellent vocals, guitars and some very memorable songs that will have your feet tapping in delight" Read Review      
Majster Kat      
"a well produced and well polished album full of pace, power and energy. A well balanced mix of rock, metal and melodic thrash" Read Review      
Human Resonance      
"if you like your thrash metal thunderous, frenetic and fast paced, then this is the album for you" Read Review      
Triumph And Glory      
"powerfully anthemic melodic heavy metal, big riffing, bold and brash, similar to the epic style of legends Manowar" Read Review      
No Regrets      
"a superb collection of hard rocking AOR/hard rock, that is catchy, infectious and memorable, and will have you reaching for the replay button every time it ends" Read Review      
You Are Next      
"very heavy and crushing thrash metal that will stomp and stamp all over your senses and give you many reasons to head bang furiously" Read Review      
"brutal crunching guitars, pounding drums, blistering guitar solos and dramatic time changes - this is thrash metal at its superb best" Read Review      
Mausoleum Gate      
Metal And The Might E.P.      
"two songs showcasing everything that is great about the NWOBHM sound. Mausoleum Gate have delivered their best offering yet" Read Review      
Break It Up E.P.      
"heavily influenced by the glam and sleaze eras of the late eighties and nineties, Maverick play infectious, hard hitting and catchy rock" Read Review      
Lord Of The Thrash      
"fast, furious and fierce thrash metal played at a breath taking pace, this is the stuff to head bang furiously to" Read Review      
Mega Colossus      
"classic sounding, old school heavy metal with galloping rhythms and duelling guitars to place a huge smile on the face of every NWOBHM fan" Read Review      
"traditional sounding Megadeth keeping true to what they do best with brutality and aggression in abundance" Read Review      
Seven Sacrifices      
"thunderous thrash metal with screaming guitar solos and great vocals that will please fans of mid tempo, very heavy, thrash metal" Read Review      
Mentally Defiled      
Aptitude For Elimination      
"breath taking pace and speed, this album is packed with blistering, high speed, aggressive thrash metal" Read Review      
Proving Our Mettle      
"an album influenced by the traditional heavy metal sound of the NWOBHM, it's full of great and epic songs destined to become metal anthems" Read Review      
Metal Allegiance      
Metal Allegiance      
"an all star cast, a wide range of vocal styles with a trio of seasoned musicians holding it together, the album is varied, experimental and full of surprises" Read Review      
Metal Allegiance      
Fallen Heroes E.P.      
"an emotionally charged listen, Metal Allegiance have done an excellent job with three superb covers of songs by legends from the music industry who sadly, are no longer with us" Read Review      
Metal Charity      
Home Sweet Home (single)      
"Metal Charity is not about setting the world alight with their music, it is all about raising money for good causes" Read Review      
"hard hitting and powerful, hugely influenced by the traditional British heavy metal sound, this debut album is packed with head bangingly addictive anthems" Read Review      
Reload (single)      
"a hard hitting, very heavy style of music with two very different vocal styles, this is an intriguing and pleasurable listening experience" Read Review      
The Human Encryption      
"heavy, chugging guitars supported by two very different vocal styles make this an interesting and intriguing album of varied songs" Read Review      
Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock      
Bridge The Gap      
"ex members of the Scorpions, Rainbow and UFO come together to produce a hard hitting, guitar driven, foot tapping hard rock album" Read Review      
Mike Milan Dedic      
Mike Milan Dedic E.P.      
"a brief introduction to the talents of guitar virtuoso Mike Milan Dedic, displaying hard rock, classic rock and blues influences" Read Review      
The Militants      
One Nation Under Death      
"industrial tinged extreme heavy metal that rattles the senses with its brutal raw aggression and growled vocals" Read Review      
The Militants      
Fuel The Aggression      
"a great album of aggressive, brutal heavy metal that will pound the senses with its energy and hard hitting songs" Read Review      
Mindless Sinner      
The New Messiah      
"classic sounding heavy metal with a strong NWOBHM influence, Mindless Sinner have released a solid, no frills, metal album" Read Review      
Sworn To Secrecy      
"quick paced thrash metal blended with some slower, yet still very heavy songs to produce a roaming and meandering album of thrash and heavy rock" Read Review      
Ministers Of Anger      
"an album full of eighties thrash and heavy metal with many songs breaking that mould, pointing the way to how thrash would develop during the nineties" Read Review      
Brains And Bruises      
"a superb debut album with varying styles of metal that will appeal to fans of many different genres" Read Review      
Heavy Mental      
"a solid slab of rock and metal, let down by a couple of identity crisis songs, but still has plenty on offer" Read Review      
Mob Rules      
Tales From Beyond      
"a storming power metal album full of catchy, infectious and memorable songs that will have your head banging and feet stomping for an eternity" Read Review      
"power metal and melodic metal combined to produce an album full of foot tapping hard rock that will please fans of late eighties/early nineties European power metal" Read Review      
Rock The Night E.P.      
"traditional British heavy metal at its thunderous best. Monument have brought the NWOBHM sound back, and added more to make it sound even better" Read Review      
Runaway (single)      
"a spectacular release from Monument that will excite heavy metal fans around the world leaving them hungry for the new album" Read Review      
Crusaders (single)      
"a superb stomp from Monument, whetting the appetite of every heavy metal fan in anticipation of their debut album" Read Review      
"fast paced, bombastic and barnstorming. This is a superb release and one that will cement Monument's place at the forefront of the revival of the NWOBHM sound" Read Review      
A Bridge Too Far (single)      
"a superb galloping song, with a twin guitar lead echoing the eighties NWOBHM sound" Read Review      
Hair Of The Dog      
"galloping rhythms, twin guitars and a clean and clear vocal delivery, this is what traditional British heavy metal should sound like. Long live the NWOBHM" Read Review      
Baroness (new song)      
"Mordred are back at their best with a bombastic bang, a new song, a UK tour, bringing back their unique style of music to make sure everyday's a holiday" Read Review      
Baroness (official single)      
"Mordred are back at their best with a bombastic bang, a new single, a UK tour, bringing back their unique style of music to make sure everyday's a holiday" Read Review      
Mortal Strike      
For The Loud And The Aggressive      
"thunderous, brutal, aggressive and infectious thrash metal, played with skill and precision at a breath taking pace" Read Review      
"furiously fast and frenetic thrash metal that is just relentless as it steams ahead at full tilt taking no prisoners with its raw brutality" Read Review      
Got It Memorized (single)      
"heavy rock tinged with punk and grunge influences, the song smacks of attitude and will keep your feet stomping for a long time" Read Review      
El Cuarto Jinete      
"a blistering album sizzling with speed metal, influenced by the eighties German power metal movement as well as NWOBHM and the American power metal styles" Read Review      


Nasty High      
Rock 'N' Roll Highway (single)      
"recreating the sound of the eighties glam rock/metal scene, Nasty High deliver energetic, hard hitting, party rock" Read Review      
"menacing and terrifying, this debut album is fierce and furious with unrelenting rhythms that are savage and barbaric" Read Review      
Coordinates Of Confusion      
"high speed, heavy thrash metal, thunderous and hard hitting with a clean, venomous vocal delivery, this album is excellent old school style thrash" Read Review      
"a fierce barrage of blistering thrash metal played at a relentless pace that will leave you breathless, bruised, sore, and in agony..." Read Review      
I'll Be Waiting      
"pounding hard rock with soaring, symphonic style vocals and some sparkling guitars to produce a very good, traditional sounding British hard rock album" Read Review      
"heavy and powerful, with a majestic, anthemic feel to the songs, this is an album that will appeal to fans of the Manowar style of heavy metal" Read Review      
New Device      
Takin' Over      
"bold and brash, hard hitting hard rock played at ferocious energy levels with relentless passion" Read Review      
New Device      
Here We Stand      
"a much heavier sounding album than their debut, New Device deliver more top notch, energetic, ferociously hard hitting hard rock" Read Review      
Night Demon      
Darkness Remains      
"a full on and rampant NWOBHM influenced album, packed with pulsating and sparkling songs that will have you head banging and smiling for a very long time" Read Review      
Night Screamer      
Vigilante E.P.      
"a fantastic burst of energy to re-light the fire of the NWOBHM sound with duelling guitars, an addictive, relentless rhythm and clean vocals" Read Review      
"a frenetic and furious blast of brutal aggression, that will keep your head banging for a very long time" Read Review      
Black Magic Night      
"traditional sounding heavy metal with some brilliant guitar work, this is an album to please fans of the NWOBHM-era metal" Read Review      
Into The Fire      
"mid tempo, chugging melodic hard rock with a gravel edged vocal delivery, superb guitar work and catchy rhythms" Read Review      
No Bros      
Metal Marines      
"a unique blend of rock, blues and southern swagger to create an interesting and sometimes bewildering mix of songs" Read Review      
Nuclear Omnicide      
Bringers Of Disease E.P.      
"a storming E.P. of fast, furious, aggressive and brutal death and thrash metal that will bang the head violently from start to finish" Read Review      
The Unholy Trinity      
"fast paced blend of speed and thrash metal with an old school vibe, this debut album will leave you breathless and panting for more, so much more..." Read Review      


October 31      
The Fire Awaits You      
"an exciting re-visit to the metal scene of the nineties with an awesome mix of power metal, thrash metal and traditional heavy metal" Read Review      
October 31      
Meet Thy Maker      
"an ecstatic re-visit to the metal scene of the nineties with an amazing blend of heavy metal and power metal. Meet Thy Maker is a brilliant album" Read Review      
Oculus E.P.      
"impressive collection of atmospheric symphonic heavy metal. Well written and constructed, every song is an aural pleasure that will put a big smile on the face of all heavy metal fans" Read Review      
Hammer Damage      
"hard rocking melodic hard rock, played at a mid tempo pace with rhythms of thunder and some relentless guitar riffing" Read Review      
Omery Rising      
Omery Rising E.P.      
"a great debut from a young and very enthusiastic band that are determined to bring back traditional heavy metal to the people" Read Review      
Omery Rising      
Lady Snow (single)      
"a heavier sound, great sounding guitars and a powerful vocal performance. Omery Rising are back and sounding better then ever" Read Review      
Omery Rising      
The Rising      
"hard rocking, old school style heavy metal with pace and power, Omery Rising are definitely on the rise with this album" Read Review      
One Last Run      
"energetic melodic hard rock with hints at many other genres such as Southern Rock, Stoner Rock and even the blues" Read Review      
The Voice Of Nothing      
"an amazing, near growl-like vocal display, crunching guitars and powerful drumming combined with acoustic moments makes this a very impressive debut" Read Review      
The Order Of Chaos      
Apocalypse Moon      
"fast and furious thrash metal delivered at pace with a phenomenal vocal performance, blistering guitars and savage rhythms that beg to be head banged to" Read Review      
Order Of Voices      
Hand In Hand (single)      
"a sparkling display of melodies and harmonies, this is a cracking teaser for the new album due in late 2014" Read Review      
Osmium Guillotine      
Osmium Guillotine      
"a superb album of classic British heavy metal, with great guitar work, cracking vocals and sparkling rhythms" Read Review      
The Grinding Wheel      
"a sparkling album of powerful thrash metal, cascading with addictiveness and infectiousness to keep Over Kill at the pinnacle of the thrash metal genre" Read Review      


Hell Beyond Hell      
"blisteringly powerful power metal from German legends Paragon, delivering the goods with passion and pride" Read Review      
Parallel Minds      
Headlong Disaster      
"very heavy, heavy metal blended with other genres such as power and rock to create a spectacular roller coaster ride of awesome music" Read Review      
Jizzy Pearl      
"Jizzy Pearl returns to the hard rock arena with a bang. Solid, foot tapping rock at its finest" Read Review      
The Visit E.P.      
"a mix of bombastic hard rock and a slow soulful, opera style with superb musicianship and a wide ranging vocal performance" Read Review      
"some of the fastest thrash metal ever heard, this album is packed full of pace and speed with blistering guitars and rampant rhythms" Read Review      
Place Vendome      
Close To The Sun      
"a superb collection of rock and AOR songs that will keep your feet tapping and head nodding in appreciation of a sound that evolved during the eighties" Read Review      
Disobey E.P.      
"thrash metal is alive and doing very well in the form of Poisoner, with a buzz saw guitar style and rasping growled vocals" Read Review      
Power Theory      
Driven By Fear      
"powerful and ferocious heavy metal, with a hint of the old "sleaze metal" style, this is an album of pure, out and out heavy metal" Read Review      
Blessed & Possessed      
"a breath taking and exhilarating power metal album, combining symphonic, operatic and epic styles to create a masterpiece" Read Review      
John Prasec      
John Prasec      
"hard hitting and hard rocking, this is five songs of pure, in your face, swaggering heavy rock. Superb guitars and vocals, this is a must listen" Read Review      
John Prasec      
"an intriguing journey through sleaze rock/blues rock with foot tappingly addictive songs with a feel good party vibe" Read Review      
Prey On The Fallen